Mercadona increases its online sales by 40% and announces two new logistics centers for its eCommerce


Mercadona has released its 2021 financial results, in which highlights the growth of its online sales, a great advance if we return to the fact that its path to digitization has not been easy and after several attempts it has finally consolidated its online shopping service.

In its digital transformation process, Mercadona has continued to advance to “consolidate a more digital, productive and sustainable business model”, and explains that during 2021 it has invested 1,200 million euros with this objective, a figure that added to the investments of the three previous years, exceeds 5,000 million euros.

Mercadona consolidates the growth of its online sales

According to their statement, Mercadona has increased its online sales in 2021 up to 510 million euros, which represents a growth of 40% compared to the previous year. In total, online sales account for 1.8% of the total sales of the Valencian company.

This is a great advance if we take into account that 2020 was the year in which the Mercadona online store became profitable, quadrupling the sales figures in its eCommerce compared to 2019.

Beyond the online area, in the Mercadona business as a whole, it has increased its turnover by 3.3% to 27,819 million, although reducing its net profit by 6% “due to the impact of costs,” the company explained.

Mercadona has two different types of online sales, hives, born in 2016 as a model of warehouses that are used exclusively for the company’s online ordersand whose objective is to optimize and speed up both the preparation of packages and last-mile deliveries.

On the other hand, teleshopping emerged in 2021 as a solution to reach online consumers in areas with lower order density, and for now the model is undergoing testing in Castellón and Tarragona. In this model, customers close to these supermarkets can place their order on the Mercadona website, and their packages are prepared and shipped by the physical stores.

New hives for Alicante and Seville

The company has shared that its Mercadona Online division (hives) increased its number of orders to reach 1.8 millioncompared to 1.2 million orders requested in 2020, while its team expanded to 1,636 people.

And speaking about its hives, Mercadona had three exclusive stores for online sales in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia at the end of the year, while the company shared its plans for 2022, in which to “have the trust of the bosses” , that is, their online consumers, The company plans to incorporate two new hives this year: one will be located. in Alicante and the other in Seville.

The first will have an investment of 14 million euros and the participation of 25 local suppliers. This hive will employ 150 people. The Seville hive will also have an investment of close to 14 million euros, and will be located in the southern Higuerón area.

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