Mercadona has the five cleaning products you need

On many occasions we tend to accumulate products and Cleaning products to have our home in the best possible conditions. Well this is not necessary. The most appropriate thing is to have those items that we can take advantage of the most and are very versatile. Also if they are cheap better than better.

In Mercadona they have a wide variety of products that can be used for the different tasks of cleaning your home, from doing laundry to disinfecting your entire home. Here we have a selection of the ones that we liked the most and, between all of them, they cost a little more than 10 euros.

Mercadona cleaning products

We could only start with one of the most outstanding products sold by Valencian supermarkets: el Beltran soap. This 100% natural product is a kind of black paste that has multiple cleaning functions, but the main one is to get rid of stains on clothes. Here we show you how to remove the blood stains and here how to prepare it to use it in liquid form.

You can also use Beltrán soap to clean floors, the kitchen hood, the oven, cloth slippers or makeup brushes. Its applications are very varied and you will not have to spend more than two euros.

Five uses of fashionable soap to clean your house in an easy way

If we continue with the products to do the laundry, in your laundry room you cannot miss the percarbonate of sodium. These white powders are specially designed not to damage fabrics and are mainly used to give clothes an extra whiteness. You can put three tablespoons in the detergent box for a full washing machine or if you mix it with hot water you will get a paste with which you can get rid of the most difficult stains. A package of 750 grams costs €1.95.

Mercadona Percarbonate | The perfect product to whiten clothes and remove stubborn stains Mercadona

A product to clean and disinfect a multitude of elements in our home we have the 70% alcohol disinfectant spray from the Bosque Verde brand. Pay close attention to the instructions as it is not suitable for all types of surfaces. The 750 ml bottle costs €2.60.

For the correct cleaning of our floors, it has become very fashionable to Mercadon microfiber mopa. There are several models and they are instant drying and maximum absorption. You have one specially designed for parquet, platforms, porcelain floors, marble and granite and its price is €1.50.

Finally, when cleaning your bathroom, you can’t miss a glass cleaner handle to leave the glass on your screen spotless. You will only have to spray some anti-limescale product and pass the glass cleaner to remove all the dirt and drops of water. Its price is €2.20.