Marín raises the forecast of tourists in 2022 to 29.5 million: “I hope everything remains the same after June 19”


The Vice President of the Board and Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, highlighted this Saturday that the autonomous community has raised the arrival of tourists to 29.5 million, data “very similar” to those of 2019 , when 32 million travelers were encrypted. “We hope that from June 19 everything will remain the same,” he added.

This was stated by Marín during the II conference ‘The settler peoples of Carlos III’ held in San Sebastián de los Caballeros, in Córdoba, where he celebrated that Andalusian tourism “has been able to prevail over the pandemic and has recovered from very quickly” thanks to “the professionals, the workers, the businessmen and the institutions that have allowed us to become an economic engine of this country in a short time”.

Regarding the bridge on May 1, the head of Tourism has advanced that “the data is spectacular”, since “occupancy is above 90% in Cádiz, Seville and other provinces”.

In this line, Marín has remarked that Andalusia “continues to grow” and “tourism continues to drive employment thanks to the fact that value has not only been placed on sun and beach tourism and large events”, but “the interior, the villages, rural houses and trails”, as well as “the special gastronomy of each of the villages”.

On the recovery of foreign tourism, he highlighted that this Saturday “the largest cruise ship in the world arrives in Malaga with more than 7,000 travelers and its first stop is in this city”. “It’s not a coincidence, it’s because everyone wants to come,” he added.

In this regard, he explained that at Easter in Malaga “we recover 60% of national tourism and 40% of international tourism” and these data “we see them in all provinces, in all corners international tourism has returned”. “It is a safe land and the most competitive tourist destination in Europe”, he concluded.