Macron vows to turn France into an energy power if re-elected

The French president and candidate for reelection, Emmanuel Macron, steps on the accelerator in the second round campaign of the presidential elections and announces that his next prime minister will deal directly with ecological planning, supported by two other ministers, to get the country out of fossil fuels and put ecology at the center of political management. “The policy that I will lead in the next five years will be ecological or it will not be,” Macron said at a campaign rally in Marseille (southeast) a week before the second round of the elections, where the candidate faces of the extreme right Marine Le Pen.

The liberal explained that the next prime minister will rely on two strong ministers, one busy with energy planning and another of ecological planning in the territories, with the aim of turning the country into the “first great nation that comes out of gas, oil and coal.” ecology occupied practice candidate’s entire speechwhen youth, environmentalists and leftist sectors have criticized the absence of debates on sustainability and global warming in this campaign.

The green question has been the one chosen by Macron to try to convince the left-wing electorate to vote for him next Sunday. Among the ten million voters who supported left-wing parties, those who supported the radical Jean-Luc Mélenchon (7.7 million) are the main fishing ground that both Macron and Le Pen are trying to access, since according to the polls, more than a third would be willing to abstain or vote blank. The latest polls give Macron around 55% or 56% of the votes, ahead of his opponent.

Macron believes that it is possible to reconcile economy and ecology and promises to give rise to an “economy more ecological, favorable to biodiversity and protector of the climate”, but without going towards degrowth. “Our objective is to make a more ecological economy”, defended the liberal, who wants to respond at the same time to the anxiety of the youth concerned about the future of the planet and of the citizens who see in ecology a wall to their way of life or to industrialization.

The candidate winked at the left with proposals such as limiting benefits variables of business leaders, setting a ceiling at European level but also conditioning it to the achievement of environmental objectives, and promised to double the environmental measures if elected, giving more importance to the care of biodiversity and food. “The big ones leaders of the 21st century will be the green leaderseco-responsible”, added the leader, surrounded by more than a thousand people, before whom he also defended a climate trade agenda that respects the Paris Agreements and environmental objectives, the reason, he said, why France opposed Mercosur .