Lokimica launches innovative capsules to control mosquito pests at home

Lokímica Laboratories is a company that works in pest control within the field of Public Health and Environmental Health throughout the Spanish territory with 14 own delegations. The firm collaborates with companies and public and private institutions to improve the quality of life of citizens and protect the environment. In this sense, Lokímica is aware of the importance of citizen collaboration to maximize the effectiveness of the treatments performedwhich are characterized by service excellence.

From its origins, the company has opted for innovation and the latest technology, which has led it to lead the sector and also have more of its own means. All this allows the firm to undertake all kinds of actions with the maximum guarantees. Now, the population can also obtain products to prevent the proliferation of pests in the home with all the guarantees and professionalism.

The Aquatain Drops application method is very simple and is intended for use on small pools of water.

Aquatain Drops, an ecological solution

It is the case of Aquatain Dropsa unique new generation product that It can be purchased through the Lokímica website. This system for ecologically control the life cycle of mosquitoes It allows reaching the private and domestic sphere, where the company cannot act. Thus, citizens can act in terms of pest control in an effective, safe and respectful manner with the environment.

Specific, Aquatain Drops application method is very simple and is intended to be used in small pools of water. The user must deposit the capsules in the accumulations of stagnant water that can be found in your home, such as pot trays, sinks, small wells, sewers, water tanks, gutters or tires. The capsules degrade in the water and create a thin film on the surface of the liquid that prevents the development of mosquitoes.

Aquatain acts on mosquito larvae and pupae, which it prevents from acquiring the oxygen necessary to survive. The young of the insects die by suffocation and cannot complete their development to the adult stage. With this method, the mosquitoes do not manage to develop properly.

The capsules have a persistence and durability of at least four weeks,

For its part, the capsules have a persistence and durability of at least four weeks, thanks to its performance through a physical-mechanical action. All these characteristics make Aquatain Drops in a very useful and effective tool in the hands of the populationtotally safe for use by people and especially recommended for use in any area with accumulations of water.