Logitech G602 software & driver – Windows 10 & Mac

Logitech G602 software download free for Windows 10/8.1/7 and Mac OS, link from the official Logitech website. Also, the installation process is very easy. It has 11 programmable buttons, and DPI ranges up to 2500. You can assign commands and macros to its programmable buttons, edit game profiles through the Logitech G hub or Logitech gaming software. So, what are you waiting for if you want to make all this mouse buttons programmable then, download the Logitech gaming software G602 for Windows 10 and Mac.


OS support- Windows 10,8.1, 7

OS support –Mac 10.15 to 10.12, OS X 10.11


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Logitech g602 software

Logitech g602 software and driver

About the Logitech g602 gaming mouse software

There is no separate driver for G602, the Logitech gaming software is the compatible driver and software, which is free to download for Windows 10 and Mac. Moreover, it can be installed in Windows 10 32- and 64-bit system.

Logitech gaming software G602

It is a helpful tool for the gamer and makes mastering to setup games profile in mouse buttons. There are 11 programmable buttons that can be customized through Logitech gaming software g602. Logitech also provides a starter guide for the G602 that you may need to download as installation.

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Gaming mouse G602: Troubleshooting

How to fix Logitech G602 not detecting

If the software is not able to detect the mouse, here is the following that may work for you. 

Dead battery: first check what is the battery status of the mouse? If the battery is dead of this mouse then you may have this problem.

Outdated software: If you are using outdated software to connect the G602 mouse, then it may not be detectable. You can also use the recent old version but not outdated.

Poor connection between the mouse and the USB port: If the connection between the mouse and the USB receiver is poor, This happens if the USB port is not getting enough power, so, you should change the USB Port. The Logitech G602 mouse is compatible with USB 2.0. So, if you are using USB 3.0 then you connect it to 2.0 USB port.

fix: Logitech G602 not connecting with g hub

Logistic G hub software is compatible with mouse G602, this software starts working very quickly. There might be hardware fault which makes software, then you can use the tips given below.

Reinstalling the software: You first check whether the mouse is turned on or not and what is the battery status. If you feel everything is normal and still cannot detect then reinstalling the software may solve this problem.

Remove the driver: Now, disconnect the g602 mouse from the computer and go to Device Manager and remove the driver. And uninstall the software. Now, you restart the computer and connect the mouse and install the software again.

How to fix when Logitech g602 keeps lagging

If the Logitech G602 mouse starts lagging, the Solution of this problem can be found from the tips given below.

Bad battery: If the mouse battery is drained, it causes the mouse lagging/freezing. You first check the status of the battery, if the battery has malfunction then change the battery. 

Bad motherboard: If there is a problem in the hardware i.e motherboard of the mouse, this problem often appears. If you have a warranty, then change the mouse, otherwise, get it repaired. 

Inappropriate surface: Sometimes the surface under the mouse affects the tracker, the tracker is unable to function properly and thus leads to lagging in the mouse. You can use a good mouse pad.


How to fix Logitech g602 keeps going to sleep

If your mouse is going into sleeping mode, the reason for this is that the connection has not been made properly and the connection is very weak.

  1. You can first check the battery status of the mouse; you can check this through Logitech gaming software.
  2. If you see everything as normal, then you use a Logitech unifying receiver for a good connection.
  3. If this problem is still not resolving, then you should uninstall the software and install it again.

How to change DPI settings G602

logitech g602 change dpi

Accessing this setting becomes very easy with Logitech gaming software. All you have to do is open the software and click in the mouse icon and the DPI setting will open. As per the need of the game, you can minimize or maximize the DPI.

Logitech G602 not working on Windows 10

After installing Logitech gaming software G602, the mouse is not showing on the software board. This is the common issue is being with G602 user. As I said earlier, mouse to work properly, it is very important to have its driver installed on your computer. So, today I will show some effective tips to get rid of this problem Logitech G602 not working on Windows 10.

#01. Change USB port: Check your USB port, whether it is getting enough power or not. Change the USB port 3.0 to 2.0

#02. Reinstall the driver: If still this problem is not solved, you uninstall the driver, then, restart your PC and try to install it again. Hope, this may help you

How to install Logitech G602 driver and software for Windows 10 and Mac OS

Step by Step guide: Install Logitech gaming software G602 driver and software

  1. Download the LGS_9.00.42_x86.exe file, from the link below.
  2. Click “ LGS_9.00.42_x86.exe”
  3. If you are using windows then, run this software as system administration.
  4. You tick on “I accept the term of this agreement” then you click “Continue
  5. You click “Install Now” and wait a moment.
  6. After download and install Logitech gaming software G602 mouse driver, connect g602 mouse to PC and enjoy. 

 Hola! In this way, you can successfully install the Logitech gaming software G602

FAQs related to gaming mouse G602

Q1: Can you use other mouse software with Logitech g602?

Ans: No, it is not possible, to make this mouse programmable, you also have to install its compatible Logitech software.

Q2: Do I have to install software for Logitech g602?

Ans: You will need software to make this mouse programmable for any game or else it will work like a normal mouse.

Q3: How to make a macro in Logitech gaming software g602?

Ans: Through Logitech gaming software, you can simply drag-drop to assign macros in any mouse button very easily.

Q4: How to map keys to mouse buttons Logitech g602 software?

mouse functions G602

Ans: To map keys to mouse buttons G602, simply highlight it on the screen, select the function you want to assign on buttons. All commands will automatically save as per your choices. 

Logitech G602 gaming mouse features

First of all, in terms of comfort, the G602 mouse is the best by far it has a palm grip design with an even curve that cups your hand.


  • The buttons have a nice and snappy sound to it and feel great. 
  • High accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology.
  • Lag-free gaming-grade wireless.
  • Long-life buttons rated to 20 million clicks.
  • 11 programmable buttons.
  • About 8X battery life, 250 hours of power in Performance mode.
  • 2ms response rate.
  • Battery-saving modes.
  • Up and down DPI toggles.


  • Problematic switches.
  • Batteries weigh a lot.
  • Low max DPI.


Brand: Logitech

Model name: Logitech g602

Colour: Black

Item Height: 44 Millimeters

Item Width: 8.3 Centimeters

Item Weight: 168 g

LED: Yes

Buttons: 11 programmable buttons


Wireless Type: 5.8 GHz Radio Frequency, 802.11a/b/g/n

Battery standby: 250 Hours

Operating System: Windows 10, Mac and Linux

Number of Lithium Ion Cells: 2

Battery status: Through Logitech 602 software


As the bottom line, you may conclude that ‘Logitech g602 software’ ie. Logitech G hub and gaming software you need to install in order to maximize the gaming experience. Don’t you want to try?

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