Lidl has the perfect utensil to clean the whole house quickly

the hour of the cleaning of the house is one of the most hated by some. Just the fact of having to select the necessary utensils to clean the different parts of the home (floors, walls, tiles…) is a bad experience for many. All of them will surely love the steam mop Lidl, a very versatile tool with which you can leave all the surfaces of the house shiny. In addition, it will allow you to save space and money, since you will not have to buy a utensil to clean everything.

The msteam cleaner and steam cleaner 2 in 1 1500 W It facilitates cleaning tasks thanks to the effect of steam, which makes the dirt disappear much more quickly. If the surface to be cleaned is not very dirty, it can also be used as a traditional mop, without steam.

Features of the Lidl steam mop

The mop measures 280 x 215 x 1120 mm and the cable length is approximately 6 meters. It weighs 3150 grams and is made of plastic and nylon. It has a power of 1500W and its autonomy with a full tank is about 11 minutes. Its price is €44.99 and can be purchased at supermarket online store.

This product allows clean more quickly since once plugged into the power, the steam will be ready in just 30 seconds. It also has an IPX4 splash water protection.

The mop has different accessories to clean the bathroom LIDL

What can you clean with the steam mop?

The steam mop allows you to clean different surfaces in the house easily and quickly. This tool can be used in I usually, on the walls, on the upholstery of the sofa and even on the ceiling. It is perfect for cleaning the tiles of the kitchen and bathroom and also serves to leave crystals sparkling in a short time.

The steam mop can be used with a handle or directly by hand LIDL

Accessories included in the mop

To perfectly clean the different surfaces, the mop includes different accessories such as a funnel, a filling cup, a microfiber cover for upholstery, two covers with plush strips for the floor, another accessory for carpets, corners, armchairs and sofas, three brushes and a scraper, a glass cleaner and an extensible tube to clean the highest part of the glass.

The mop includes different accessories to clean different surfaces LIDL

This cleaning product allows save a lot of space at home since it is removable and will prevent you from having to buy different devices to clean each of the surfaces.