Labor and CCAA agree on the distribution of almost 2,800 million for Active Employment Policies


The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy has agreed with the autonomous communities to distribute more than 2,798 million euros to finance Active Employment Policies.

The agreement was reached during the LXXXI Sector Conference on Employment and Labor Affairs, chaired by the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, and the Secretary of State for Employment and Social Economy, Joaquín Pérez Rey.

The total amount is the result of adding the 2,415,153,580 euros from the 2022 General State Budgets, which have been distributed with the unanimous agreement of the Autonomous Communities, and the 383,423,450 euros from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

Of the bulk of the 2,415 million, charged to the 2022 PGE, the largest item will go to Andalusia, with more than 395.6 million euros; followed by Catalonia, with 316.7 million; and Madrid, with 316.7 million.

Of the remaining 383.4 million, charged to the MRR funds, Andalusia continues to be the Autonomous Community that will receive the largest amount of funds, with 72.1 million; followed by Catalonia, with 57.1 million; and the Valencian Community, with almost 36 million.

83.36 million will be allocated to reinforce the personal resources in charge of job orientation and prospecting tasks in the Public Employment Services with 3,000 people, according to the state program included in the Annual Plan for Employment Policies (PAPE) of 2021 .

The staff of people with severe disabilities in the Special Employment Centers will receive 26.2 million euros so that they can benefit from the increase in their remuneration from 50% to 55% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary.

Of the remaining amount of funds, a total of 2,295 million is distributed, 55% based on the distribution of funds for 2021 and 45% based on the degree of fulfillment of the PAPE 2021 objectives.

Regarding the distribution of MRR funds, the Technical Commission of General Directors has verified, prior to the holding of the sectoral conference, the unanimous agreement of all the Autonomous Communities on the proposed distribution criteria.

These funds are used for different training, employment and governance programs.

In his speech during the conference, Díaz highlighted that employment governance “is both a good policy and a guarantee of effectiveness”. “Society wants us to be united in difficult times and we are doing so assuming all our responsibility, not only in declarations but also being useful with our joint action. Facts, not words”, remarked the vice president.


On the other hand, the Employment Sector Conference has been informed about the 2022 Annual Employment Policy Plan that has been prepared in collaboration with the autonomous communities prior to its approval by the Government in the Council of Ministers.

The Autonomous Communities and the State Public Employment Service have proposed a total of 729 different services and programs for inclusion in the 2022 Plan, of which 59 are common and 670 of their own, inscribed in six axes: guidance, training, employment opportunities, equal opportunities, entrepreneurship and improvement of the institutional framework for access to employment.


The evaluation of active employment policies implies determining the actions to identify the best practices to launch new lines of action.

The results are applied directly to the calculation of the distribution of the funds that are distributed for their execution by the autonomous communities, linked to the fulfillment of the objectives established in a percentage set annually by the Government, and that for 2022 has been placed at 45 %.

In the execution of the PAPE 2021, 14 of the 17 Autonomous Communities have improved their global Objectives Compliance Index with respect to that obtained in 2020.