Juan Carlos I arrives in Spain after two years of his exile and will spend only five days

Juan Carlos I lands in Vigo. The king arrived at Vigo’s Peinador airport in a private plane at a quarter past seven this Thursday, where he was received by the Infanta Elena and her host, Pedro Campos. It is the first time that he has set foot on Spanish soil since his departure to Abu Dhabi in August 2020, an arrival that has generated great expectation at the national level. Juan Carlos I has traveled in a private plane, registered in Aruba with the distinctive P4-BFL. From Vigo he will travel to the Pontevedra municipality of Sanxenxo, one of Juan Carlos’s favorite places, due to his love of regattas. It is expected that he will spend the entire weekend there, until Monday, when he will travel to Madrid to meet Felipe VI, Queen Sofía and the other members of the royal family at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

Pedro Campos, president of the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo and a close friend of Juan Carlos I, has already advanced that he is “very excited” and “very excited” to return to Spain. “He is very excited, very excited to return to Spain. The Royal House confirmed the visit, without specifying all the people who will be part of the meeting. The fact that Don Juan Carlos travels to the capital next Monday to hold the family reunion and that same day takes the plane back to the United Arab Emirates confirms that he will not spend the night in Zarzuela and will only do so in the Campos house . The King’s House has reported on the plans of the emeritus once he “has transferred this afternoon his wish that his decision be made public” to return to Spain from tomorrow until Monday, when he will return to Abu Dhabi, where, it is remembered, “he has fixed his residence permanently and stable”.

Felipe VI was the one who announced that he would see his father after speaking with him by phone last Sunday during his brief stay in Abu Dhabi to show his condolences for the death of the former head of state of the Emirates. The Royal House justified the fact that father and son did not see each other in person in that “the characteristics of the funeral ceremony” did not make it possible. The day after the telephone conversation, it was the journalist Fernando Ónega, a friend of Don Juan Carlos, who revealed the return, which would consist of a short trip with a stop in Sanxenxo and also in Madrid. The mayor of the municipality of Pontevedra, Telmo Martín, confirmed it on Tuesday and framed the visit in the preparatory regatta for the 6m class World Cup that will be held in a month, a title that Don Juan Carlos won in the last two editions with the ‘Bribón ‘.