“Interior design is a way of life”

Galvañ Diseña projects have an essential direction: adapt the space to the lifestyle. And that is what interior design is all about, transforming a space into a home. To do this, they make a exhaustive study of each project together with the client, analyzing what their needs are and providing them with the quality and exclusivity they deserve. We talked to Virginia, Óscar and Diana from the Galvañ Diseña team so they can tell us more.

Is interior design a lifestyle?

We could say yes, since with the current rhythm of life we ​​need to have everything in order when we get home and that each movement is comfortable and send us peace.

For us it is like an experience in which different instruments enter the scene: a good distribution of space always looking for your functionalitya good study of finishes taking into account the desired style and, of course, a good lighting studio creating different scenes according to the function of each room.

How would you describe the relationship you establish with the client?

In projects the most important thing is meet our customers, what your needs are, your tastes, your lifestyle… We like to listen and write down all your comments so that we can later take them into account in the development of the project. The first thing is to visit the space to take into account the orientation and natural light.

Galvañ Diseña space.

What does the client value most when working with you?

Reforms can be hell if you don’t have things clear, and in this case our client highly appreciate our way of working and explain your project. The services we provide are fully adapted to each situation and we have a template for each project development: we make a first visit in which we get to know the space and the client, we measure and note down all the positive and negative parts of the space, we listen to the needs of the client, we made some first plans with the new distributions, general ideas of choice and situation of textures, colors, lighting…

Once reviewed together with the client, we develop a report in which rate the whole projectWe do this so that the client knows the economic value before starting the work and, if any changes have to be made, it must be done on the plan.

They hire us to have a special home but also so that the budget does not skyrocket. The positive part of all this is that later the development is more fluid because almost all the work is closed, the only thing left to do is enjoy.

Any recommendation or trend you want to tell us about?

The first thing to keep in mind is that we will live every day in the space that will be created. You have to be daring if you wish, everything can be done by analyzing each trend well. One of the lifestyles that we have most liked to study is the so-called Hygge, a Danish philosophy based on designthe happiness and the comfort.

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