Instagram removes Hyperlapse and Boomerang from app stores


Instagram is going through a remarkable unification process, for which he has had to make drastic decisions with his external tools. One of the signs of that process was the elimination of independent applications Boomerang and Hyperlapse from the app stores, both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The decision is not so surprising, since these are two applications that did not reach the volume of downloads of the large social apps: in total, 23 million downloads for Hyperlapse (created in 2014) and 301 million for Boomerang (2015). If we compare those numbers with the more than 2,000 million registered users on Instagram, the number is quite low. In fact, both apps carry years without receiving an updateso the little interest and lack of sense of priority that the social network owned by Meta had in maintaining them is evident.

The objective of this decision is that now Instagram seeks concentrate all effort on creating new creative options for the platform. In this sense, the company considers that it is much more efficient to have a single application instead of offering several that have additional functions externally.

Goodbye to Boomerang and Hyperlapse

Both Hyperlapse and Boomerang debuted in 2014 and 2015, respectively, as part of a strategy by what was then called Facebook (today Meta). At that time, the firm controlled by Mark Zuckerberg wanted to launch separate applications with the purpose of execute complex actions without Instagram being overloaded. Over time, they saw the plan didn’t work as expected and that, in addition, the technological improvements in mobile phones they no longer made it necessary to avoid this overload.

both apps they were already deleted from the app stores.

Now, in the case of Boomerang, this doesn’t mean it’s the endsince this app will be integrated within the Instagram app, from where it can continue to be used. In other words, Boomerang will now be one more function within the social network and, in addition, more options for use will be added.

What these applications offered In the case of hyper lapseusers could produce videos and apply this effect to them to speed up the sequence. It was perfect to share long or slow videos without losing the attention of users.
Boomerang was an application capable of employing a photo burst to create a kind of loop or, precisely, a boomerang of images that could be published directly on the profiles of the social network. When will they be unavailable?

The Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps woke up this Tuesday missing from the different app stores. The elimination of both tools was faster and more effective than that of IGTV (Instagram TV), another Instagram feature for long videos that was also announced to be gone, although currently is still active.

For now, the only standalone app of Instagram that is still active is layout, although it is not ruled out that it will also disappear in the near future.

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