Impressioning, technique to open the door of your house without forcing the lock

There are more and more techniques used by thieves to try to access homes and premises without being detected. In the last times, methods such as impressioning have gained prominence and is being used to open doors without a key.

Because its detection is complicated, since it is a technique that usually leaves no trace, knowing how to prevent impressioning is key.

What is the impressioning method?

Impressioning is a method that consists of put a key in a lock without disarming it. Its operation is simple:

A blank key is inserted into a lock and turned to bring the pins together. Once the pins are joined, the key is shaken and/or moved to produce marking on that blank space. When that marking is achieved, the key is produced with proper filing and allows the lock to be opened.

Although this technique requires preparation and is usually carried out by professionals, more and more thieves are learning and applying this method to try to enter spaces going unnoticed, and without leaving a trace of forced acts of vandalism.

A person skilled in the impression technique could generate a key in a matter of minutes, so it would not be necessary for there to be a forced door at home to access it.

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Is it possible to prevent impressioning?

Faced with a technique where a door can be opened without a key, you may be wondering how to avoid being a victim of a situation of these characteristics.

Among the security measures to adopt to avoid the possibility of a forced door at home via this operation are:

Install a security alarm

Is about one of the most effective methods for any type of theftincluding impressing.

By installing a security alarm in your home or business, you will accomplish two main objectives:

Act as a deterrent against thieves. Many friends of what is foreign, for the simple fact of detecting this security element, will change their purpose and choose another space that is easier to steal. In the event that criminals go ahead with their planwith the alarm they will be detected instantlyso the security protocol will be activated by contacting the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), and giving direct notice to the police if necessary so that they act as quickly as possible.

will always be important know the characteristics of the alarm that you are going to install, but, in general, if you have a professional installation and coverage service, you will have alarms with the latest technology, which will give you extra security and peace of mind.

Place an anti impressioning bowler

The security locks that doors usually have are usually much more vulnerable than those that have specific security mechanisms.

In this sense, doors that have an anti-impressioning cylinder act as a security reinforcement from your home and/or premises.

Anti-impressioning cylinders have a series of mechanisms to prevent keys from being copied.

How do you get it?

Through the so-called “service keys” and a second tool based on a block of the internal mechanisms of the cylinder itself.

To make a copy of these keys you will need a property card and, in many of those cases, only the manufacturer of the bowler itself will be the one to do it. Something that adds more points when it comes to preventing an intrusion from impressing.

As an extra, che more teeth the key has and the longer it is, the more difficult it will be for thieves the use of the technique.

Keep in mind: As happens with the rest of everyday and technological elements, the anti-impressioning cylinders should be changed every 4-5 (as a recommendation) to guarantee the greatest possible safety.

Be aware of what is happening around you

Having an alarm, a lock, and even security cameras, may not be enough to control that nobody tries to force the lock on our house or our premises.

In that sense, paying attention and reviewing the different aspects and areas of our properties will be key. Be alert to the presence of suspicious people and periodically check your lock to make sure it has not been tampered with or there is no foreign element that could be copying the shape of your key.

Keep all these aspects in mind to avoid being a victim of this technique to open doors without a key.

Now that you know the impressing method, focus on your safety and that of your loved ones and equip your properties with approved, effective and quality safety elements.