Ikea has the ultimate solution for sleeping in the dark with the window open

In our home more and more we look for comfort and home automation It is present in many houses. Technology makes some of our day-to-day tasks easier for us, such as connecting an appliance or automating some of the household functions. We can also take advantage of this technology now that tropical nights are beginning to be present.

In this case we are talking about the smart blinds Ikea. You won’t need to climb them yourself (in fact they don’t have a rope to do it) as they are controlled by a small remote control or by the IKEA Home Smart app. This will allow you to regulate the entry of light in a very simple way. You can open the window and lower your blinds to sleep cooler but without letting in the light.

Thus, comfort will come to your bedroom and you won’t have to worry about raising or lowering them if you don’t want to, since you have the option to program them so that they can do it by themselves at a certain time. You can also create several groups of blinds so that they do everything at the same time.

Another characteristic of these blinds is that they are completely opaque and block the entrance of light, so if you don’t have blinds or you don’t want to lower them, you won’t need more. Its dark gray color makes it easily commentable with almost any decorative style.

Blackout blinds Ikea | You can control them through a remote control or from your mobile IKEA ESPAÑA

How do Ikea smart blinds work?

The fyrtur they have a remote control and a repeater (sold separately), so if you want the wireless functions to work, it must be plugged into a power outlet located about 10 meters from the blind. It also has the Braunit battery as a power source. The package also includes a battery for the remote control, a rechargeable battery and a battery charger. What you will need are the screws to hang it.

Fyrtur blinds have a five-year guarantee and measure 124.3 centimeters wide (the box) and 195 long. The blind is 120 centimeters wide and keep in mind that it is not possible to cut it. Its price is 159 euros.

Ikea’s anti-noise curtains triumph for their utility and price

The comments on the Ikea website give it a 4.1 out of 5. The main comments refer to the fact that they are completely opaque, but there are divided opinions between those who found it easy to synchronize and those who did not. They also highlight that it does not include screws and that it is not compatible with Alexa to be able to control them by voice.