Ikea has the shoe rack that you will love (and need)

On many occasions we have told you about the cobblers as essential furniture in your home and it is not for less. Their great versatility makes them ideal for placing in any house, whether in a hall, in a room or in an office. Its practicality is limitless.

The key is to choose a piece of furniture that fits with your decoration and for that it is best to opt for models with straight lines and soft colors. All these requirements are met by the shoe rack that is now in fashion at Ikea: the Stall.

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Ikea Ställ Shoe Rack

What is special about this shoe rack? Well your simplicity. It is a shoe rack with four compartments very similar to the Bissa, which we already talked about here. The difference between the two is the opening handle, which while on the Bissa it is continuous and does not have a handle as such, on the Ställ it is formed by a small opening in the center.

This model will allow you to store, at a minimum, eight pairs of shoes and, like the previous one, it is designed with only two front legs, so it will be fixed above the skirting board and it will have to be anchored to the wall with the appropriate fittings.

Four Ikea shoe racks to make the perfect hallway

Four Ikea shoe racks to make the perfect hallway

The measurements of this white shoe rack are 96 centimeters wide, 90 high and 17 centimeters deep. As you can see, the fact that it is so narrow makes it ideal to place it in a small hall, in a corridor or in a passageway, since it will not protrude much. This model costs 69 euros.

If you have fallen in love with the design but are looking for more storage capacity for your shoes, you have the same model but with larger dimensions. In the three-compartment Ställ you will fit, at least, 18 pairs of shoes.

How could it be otherwise, the measurements of this shoe rack are greater since it measures 148 centimeters high, 79 wide and 29 deep. Its price is 129 euros.

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