Ikea (also) has appliances and these are the best sellers

The vast majority of us know Ikea because they have furniture, textiles, kitchenware, lighting and a long list of household items. But what you may not know is that they also have home appliances. Yes, your own appliances from the Mark IKEA, with different energy categories, and that you can buy in its stores.

Dishwashers, extractor fans, ovens, induction hobs and refrigerators are some of the appliances that you can find at different prices. And it is that one of the most famous services of Ikea are its kitchens and its design of these spaces of the home. so if you want your swedish cuisine You can also complete it with its appliances. These are Ikea’s best sellers.

Best selling Ikea appliances

We start with a basic of any kitchen: the extractor. The Utdrag is a 60 cm stainless steel integrated extractor. It is an invisible extractor that is hidden inside the wall cabinet and is extracted when you put it into operation. It has LED lights and can be installed to evacuate to the outside or in recirculation mode with a carbon filter.

This extractor has three different speeds, energy efficiency B and costs 149 euros.

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If you are looking for a microwave oven at Ikea they have a built-in model that is the best seller in their range. The Varmd is black in color and has a five-year warranty. It is an appliance that fulfills the basic functions to heat food and drinks and has an automatic cooking function in which you choose the type of food and the weight and it adapts to cook it.

It also has a defrost function and a turntable to heat food evenly. It has a price of 149 euros.

IKEA APPLIANCES | The best-selling extractor, microwave oven and oven of the Swedish brand IKEA ESPAÑA

If you are only looking for a kiln, you have a stainless steel forced air one with energy efficiency A. You can either fit it into a cupboard or place it in a traditional way under the ceramic hob. The Matalskare distributes heat evenly throughout the interior so you can cook multiple dishes at once. It has five cooking levels and has a grill function and a special function for pastry, to cook delicious biscuits or muffins.

It is also easy to clean and has an anti-fingerprint treatment so that annoying fingers are not always marked. It has a voltage of 220-240 V and includes a mesh shelf and a baking tray. Costs 249 euros.