Ikea 2022 kitchens: Three essential pieces of furniture for any house

Whether you already have your kitchen room furnished as if you are in it, there are certain pieces of furniture that can be considered indispensable in your home. Depending on the kitchen you have, you will spend more or less time in it. In other words, if you have a table and some chairs (or a bar and stools) to eat at or if it is simply a place to cook and not much else, you will give it more or less use.

But what these kitchens have in common is that we need them to be practical and, if possible, well organized.

In Ikea its kitchen section is one of the most popular, since you can design your own kitchen from scratch or simply get an accessory or complement. Here we are going to talk about furniture that can be very useful to you.

Ikea’s best-selling wardrobe has it all: it’s big, it has a mirror and it costs less than 150 euros

Ikea kitchens

If we stop to talk about furniture, we are going to tell you which is the best seller in its kitchen section. It’s about the Knoxhult chest of drawers, a white piece of furniture with a wooden top with three drawers of different sizes. It is part of the series of kitchens of the same name and can also be used separately. The drawers have soft and shock-absorbing closing and you can put the handles you want. This piece of furniture measures 40 centimeters wide, 61 deep and 91 high. Costs 60 euros.

Ikea kitchens | The essential chest of drawers and pantry for any kitchen IKEA ESPAÑA

Among the novelties in the Ikea kitchen, the pantry from the series method. It is a totally practical piece of furniture with which you can take advantage of all the storage space it offers you, since it has 12 baskets distributed around the interior and the door to store all the food. In addition, in the upper part you will still have an extra shelf to store more things. It measures 60x60x220 and is white, but the door is available in many colours: white, dark brown, light ash, dark green, grey, bone, beige and high gloss white. Its price ranges between 512 and 643 euros.

The smallest and cheapest Ikea kitchen to place in any corner

The smallest and cheapest Ikea kitchen to place in any corner

If what you are looking for is a chest of drawers, but of larger dimensions than the previous one, has the method/maximera as a novelty. It is a low cabinet with four drawers that, although it is white, the front is available in many colours: high gloss white, natural ash, dark grey, dark green, oak, brown, bone, anthracite, beige and dark reddish brown. The drawers are self-closing and measure 80×39.5c88 cm. Its price is between 279 and 431 euros.