Ideas to decorate a room: tips and tricks to get it 100% right

It is clear that for tastes the colors and that to decorate any room in your house you have to look for those elements (and colors) that make you feel good. It is essential that when you get home you have these feelings: of home, of being at ease. Therefore, choosing the materials and decoration is a very important part of making it feel like yours.

The living room and your bedroom are the parts of your house where you probably spend the most time, so you have to pay special attention to these rooms so that they adapt completely to you. As for the decoration of the living room, here we already told you about the five mistakes that you should not make to decorate it, they would be unforgivable. For the rooms, we made several proposals to get it right with a youth room and a baby room, so now we are going to talk about the main bedroom. Those points that you have to take care of and take into account to make it completely welcoming.

Ideas to decorate a room

Obviously depending on the size of your room you can choose some elements or others, but always keeping in mind the same line. How could it be otherwise, the bed it is the main protagonist of the room, so you can start by deciding how you want it. If you have a small room, we recommend that you look for a “low” bed as it will give more space to the room.

Another element to take into account is the headboard, if you want to put it. Remember that it will capture all the attention in the room so, depending on your style, you dare with a more “forceful” one or limit yourself to something simple. What yes you should avoid they are extra decorative elements, they usually recharge the stay.

The linens must also be consistent. If you have chosen that “forceful” headboard that we are talking about, you can opt for plain colored textiles and without much shrillness and, on the contrary, if you have a simple headboard bet on putting some pattern (without going overboard).

Ideas to decorate a room: a mirror is a safe bet shutterstock

An mirror It is also a must in the room. The ones we like the most are full-length but if you don’t have space you can look for a set of these elements to give a different atmosphere to a part of the room, for example on top of a dresser.

Lastly, do not ignore the curtains or blinds. Letting light through in this room is essential, so opt for translucent fabrics that give you privacy but do not limit the entrance of the King star. All rooms with lots of light seem bigger.