How to Trade Bitcoin in the UK

If you are new to trading with cryptocurrencies, you might be wondering how to trade bitcoin in the UK. There are a number of options available to you. The best way to get started is to choose a platform that offers a range of cryptocurrency trading services. There are several different types of cryptocurrency exchanges, and choosing the best one for your needs will depend on the currency you wish to trade. You can choose from eToro, Binance, LocalBitcoins and Huobi.


If you’re looking for a good place to buy and sell bitcoin in the UK, eToro has the most popular exchange for Bitcoin in the UK. However, before you start trading, you should know that eToro only operates in certain U.S. states. Despite the name, eToro isn’t available in Delaware, Minnesota, Tennessee, New York, or Hawaii. You can, however, access the platform in more than 100 countries around the world.

You’ll need to link your debit card account to your eToro account in order to buy and sell bitcoin. You can either use your debit card or credit card to buy or sell bitcoin. If you choose to buy bitcoin with a credit card, you can avoid the clearance fees that eToro charges. This way, you can buy fractions of bitcoin without any hassles.


You can trade bitcoin on Binance in the U.K., but the company has recently come under regulatory scrutiny. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) banned Binance from conducting regulated activities in the U.K. and the company signaled that it was working to gain approval, hiring hundreds of compliance staff. Its notice, however, was not clear what regulations it must comply with. The company issued a response, and says it will continue to meet these standards.

To buy cryptocurrency, users must login to Binance and select GBP or BTC. A list of offers will be displayed on the page. Select the one you prefer and make the deposit. A notification will appear when the deposit has been made. You can also choose to buy Bitcoin with a bank transfer. Once you’ve made a purchase, you can track it in your Binance account. It will be easy to withdraw the cryptocurrency you purchased.


Before you start buying or selling Bitcoins, read the terms and conditions of your chosen platform. It is important to verify the buyer’s identity by checking the security information box, which is usually the real name and IP address. Verify the buyer’s address and make sure that it matches the one listed for the payment method. If the buyer cannot pay, you can choose to limit your ads to verified users.

To trade bitcoin in the UK with LocalBitcOins, you must first be verified. Verification involves providing proof of address and answering several questionnaires. The proof of address required varies by country. For example, if you are in South Africa, you must provide a bank statement, whereas in Nigeria, you can provide a DSTV invoice. In Venezuela, you will need to provide a tax registration card. For more details visit here.


If you want to learn how to trade bitcoin in the UK, you should join Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange that has been around since 2013. This exchange is backed by world-renowned venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, and uses the latest exchange security technologies. Huobi funds are held in dedicated multi-signature cold wallets, monitored round-the-clock. To protect user funds, Huobi maintains a security reserve fund of 20,000 BTC.

Fees on Huobi depend on the type of card you use and your location. If you use a Visa debit card, you will pay a 1.52% spread plus a 0.75 flat fee. If you use a Mastercard, you will pay a 3.15% spread and 0.1% taker fee. These fees are comparable to those charged by BTSE and Binance. If you don’t want to pay fees, consider switching to Huobi. It’s easy to sign up, and the fees are very competitive.


You’ve heard of the mobile wallet and trading app Mode. Mode offers a safe and convenient way to buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital assets in the UK. Mode offers a low 0.99% commission on all trades and no deposit fees. You can fund your account via a UK bank transfer. Funding your account takes less than five minutes. With this low commission, you’ll be able to trade and earn Bitcoin with minimal risk.

Mode’s app is available on iOS and Android devices. Deposits with this platform are faster because you don’t need to send money via third-party channels. The fees are competitive. Only buyers can buy and sell Bitcoin with Mode; the app doesn’t support other cryptocurrencies. This mobile Bitcoin broker is user-friendly and offers top-rated customer service. Once you’ve registered, you can start buying and selling Bitcoin.