How to take advantage of information from payment platforms to reduce cart abandonment


On several occasions we have talked about the importance of payment platforms as tools to boost the growth of a business. Especially since they offer a greater opportunity for consumers to have a better shopping experience by connecting with their preferred payment methods or solutions. However, this is not the only benefit it can bring to the growth of brands.

Payment platforms also offer information, which is retrieved during the purchase process. Today we will talk about the importance of this strategy and why it is convenient to apply it in your business, to boost its growth, in addition to combating aspects such as fraud and cart abandonment.

What role do the insights of payment platforms play in the growth of an eCommerce

One of the priorities for any company or brand is to know their customers, retrieve accurate and complete information about them, in order to manage their campaigns more efficiently. Which allows them to understand their interests and demands in depth, and thus, based on it, be able to generate a better user experience for each person. Payment platforms are an excellent means to this end, as they also offer the opportunity to understand the performance of buyers across different sales channels.

Based on this knowledge about consumers, companies and stores can drive decision-making, with a loyal base and continuous monitoring of their campaigns. On the other hand, it also offers a means of simplifying operations, especially when we have a unified dashboard for both the digital and physical fronts of a business. Such as Adyen’s Customer Area solution, the payment platform, which allows you to automate data management and manual processes.

This automation guarantees greater freedom for work teams, allowing efforts to be redirected to other areas that deserve it. What allows a broader development of the business, from this integration. Likewise, the integration of a payment platform of this type offers another series of benefits, especially in the areas of recovery of abandoned carts and fraud prevention.

How to attack fraud situations based on information from payment platforms

A constant reality for any eCommerce and for any digital consumer in general, is to be victims of fraud. A situation that takes on special importance during times of many sales, such as Christmas, Black Friday, etc.

Now, to combat this situation, it is essential to create a security space where buyers can proceed with their purchases with full confidence. And to achieve this, it is necessary to make adjustments within the shopping experience, which make it difficult for third parties to carry out fraud within our eCommerce. A starting point for this is the information retrieved from the payment platforms, since based on it it is possible to identify the client behind a transaction.

Based on this, it is possible to propose a vision of loyal and true consumers, which will serve to filter these from fraudsters. Thus offering the opportunity to take action against the latter. Likewise, the functions of these payment platforms and the information management in their dashboards allow the identification of bots, further minimizing the risk of fraud.

How to avoid cart abandonment from payment platforms

The abandonment of purchases is one of the evils with which e-commerce platforms coexist. In this situation, the payment platforms they can be of great help, starting with the integration of various payment methods and solutions. Which can guarantee a more pleasant and fluid shopping experience for customers, without friction.

On the other hand, the information management of these platforms also contributes to minimizing the risk of abandonment, based on the recognition of regular customers and the simplification of the process. Through the automation and data management functions offered by dashboards, it is possible to simplify the payment process. In addition, it allows you to track recurring customers, helping to retain them.

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