How to share your Pinterest idea pins as videos on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok


pinterest already allows any user to share their content on other social networks. idea pins through its new video pin format, a format that was already introduced last year as an attempt by this platform to catch up with the social media industry, by switching from static images to video.

“Starting now and throughout this month, all users have the option to download and share idea pins posted on various social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. These Idea Pins will download as a video with watermark which will tie all the Idea Pins pages together and end with a completion card that will display the username and creator’s name,” explains Pinterest on its official blog.

Although these elements are intended to help Pinterest be more competitive with TikTok and other short-form video experiences, Idea Pins aren’t just simple videos. On the contrary, they are more about a hybrid of Stories and videos, each with up to 20 pages of content. That content can include any format, from a static image or even a video, with optional text and graphics.

In addition, users will be able to scroll through the different idea pins of those creators you follow within a vertical feed similar to TikTok.

Share your idea pins on your social networks

Pinterest users who wish to share their content on both Facebook and Instagram will need to:

Select the FB stories or IG stories icon in the sharing menu This will start a download Once the download is complete, the user will be taken to the Facebook or Instagram app with the story creation flow open and the Idea Pins video with watermark pasted can then be edited and published.

Although the integration with Facebook and Instagram is built-in natively, from Pinterest they point out that the download option will also allow creators share your content within other platformsincluding popular destinations like TikTok or Snapchat.

The sharing feature would allow creators to market their Pinterest presence within other social platforms, thereby drawing their audience back to Pinterest. Within Pinterest, creators can use Idea Pins monetizable solutions to make content shoppable through affiliate links and also earn paid partnerships with any brand, just like on other platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Similarly, Pinterest creators can earn money by participating in challenges issued by the platform as part of the company’s $20 million Creator Rewards fund in the United States.

The feature to share Pinterest Idea Pins on other social networks It is now available to all Pinterest users in the world.

Photo: Pinterest

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