How to reinforce the door frame to gain security?

The protection of doors in homes and establishments is an aspect to take into account, since it is the main entrance and, on many occasions, the focus of thieves to access the interior.

Son There are many options for intruders when it comes to forcing doors. Among the most common forms are:

Bowl breaks. Impressioning. Bumping.Pull out the escutcheon body.Leverage (bolts, hinges…).Twist the escutcheon body.Removal of the escutcheon body and the rotor of the safety bowler. Drills. Use of shears in the fixings of the shield. Card.

In this sense, knowing how to reinforce a door frame and what techniques to use will be essential to guarantee the security of the spaces.

How to secure the doors against theft

To understand how to shield a wooden door or other types of doors, it is important to consider the following methods.

Reinforce door frames

No matter what type of plate is on the doors (unless you’re reinforcing a blast door frame), blunt kicks can end up breaking door frames.

Just for this reason, reinforcing the door frame is key to resist forced entry. To do this, introducing layers of steel will make access to the home and/or premises more difficult.

This option assumes place layers of steel on the frame already installed. Although another option could be to replace the frame entirely with a steel frame directly and secure it against the wall of the house.

Strengthening of door edges

It is the next step after reinforcing a door frame. And it is that the edges are the weakest part of the doors. This is the area where the latches are passed.

The door edges are secured to the frame by the latch; and this does not distribute the force well if it breaks. Therefore, if the edge is not reinforced, any unauthorized entry attempt will damage it.

To reinforce the edge you can add a larger envelope that offers greater resistance. They work great on metal and wood doors. With this you start a technique of how to secure a door from the inside.

secure the hinges

Knowing how to secure the hinges is another important aspect, since most doors in stores and shops have this type of door.

Hinged doors are prone to break-ins because of how ‘easy’ it is to pull them out of the frame or rip them off.

Including a security pin will provide a security plus to your door. Replace them with the screws that now hold your door to the hinge, and reduce the chances of theft.

Place reinforcement plates

To reinforce the frame of a door and the door in general, put impact plates secure the frame area and locks.

When installing the reinforcement plate, you can choose materials such as steel so that the shock resistance is greater; thus preventing it from deforming and/or breaking.

Install security locks

With the appropriate techniques, thieves can pick basic locks. Therefore, as an extra to reinforce the frame and a door in general, introducing security locks will always be a good option for your home and/or business.

Depending on the degree of security you want to put, the smart lock options are different. Normally, when shielding a wooden or any other type of door, if it is for a business, security locks usually resort to a higher degree of security than the houses.

However, this will depend on the degree of security you want to provide, as well as the risk to which you consider you are exposed.

Secure the doors against theft and gain security

Now that you know the different techniques to reinforce the frame of a door, as well as the rest of the tips necessary to gain security in your properties, It is in your hands to take the necessary care to avoid theft.

Increasingly, friends of other people resort to more sophisticated techniques to access real estate, so having the most powerful security elements such as surveillance cameras and alarms for home or business will always provide you with extra peace of mind .

When installing any type of security element always turn to professionals in the sector to study your needs, detect possible vulnerabilities and install the appropriate equipment. Only in this way will you achieve full protection. Always avoid installing equipment on your own, as it is possible to leave points uncontrolled that end up being exploited by thieves; after all, they are professionals in that kind of situation.