How to make a homemade mosquito trap

Use scented candles, essential oils, garlic or some plants are some of those remedies for avoid the damn mosquitoes. But if what you want is kill mosquitoes at once, pay attention to the next trick.

Six homemade tricks to avoid cockroaches at home

Natalia Diaz

How to make a mosquito catcher bottle

Other remedy that can work is that of the mosquito catcher bottle. In 20 centiliters of water mix 50 grams of sugar and heat it up. Let it cool down in a plastic bottle cut in half, to which you must add a little yeast sprinkled and without stirring.

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Say goodbye to mosquitoes with this homemade trick. INFORMATION

how much is cold enter in the container you have created bottle neck down. In a short time it will start to generate carbon dioxide and the smell of fermentation it will attract mosquitoes, which will be trapped in the trap.