How to make a homemade air conditioner

Getting into the hottest summer months, the high temperatures have not been long in coming. If you don’t have a air-conditioning in your room to avoid sleeping drenched in sweat, or you don’t want your electricity bill to reach stratospheric levels, these easy home methods could help you keep cool In your home.

Create your own home air conditioner. Getty Images

With a box and a fan

Although our homemade invention cannot compete with professional devices, it will help us to refresh a small room in the house. This contraption composed of an elbow of PVC Pipea little fan Y a box or coolerit will refresh us for 30 minutes.

Fan or air conditioning, which consumes more light?

Using a knife, cut a hole in the lid of the box or cooler. We must make sure that the hole is the same size as the cage that covers the fan blades, if it had one. The fan it should push the air into the box so that the cord or plug is on the outside.

Air conditioning: models and characteristics to choose the best for your home

Air conditioning: models and characteristics to choose the best for your home

Next, make one or two more holes, on the sides of the box and preferably on the opposite side of the fan hole. It is vital that the holes are the size of the tubes so that they fit perfectly. Once this step is done, we will have our little invention up and running. Just need to put inside an ice pack or platewhich will act as a coolant.

Eco Cooler Air Conditioner

Composed of recycled materials, this ecological alternative does not need electricity. It was developed in Bangladesh, where the heat and high temperatures reach 45 degrees in summer. The company Grameen Intel Social Business designed this simple method that allows you to lower the temperature by 5 degrees in a few minutes.

With a simple board and a few plastic bottles As main materials, Eco-Cooler works simply with a pressure difference system. Plastic bottles are cut into two parts and placed on a board. The board is placed in a window, with the bottlenecks facing into the house. In this way, we will refresh the house naturally.

Also, this company has shared the manufacturing instructions onlineso anyone can copy the system and make one at home.

With ice and a fan

One of the simplest alternatives is to place containers with ice in front of a fan. It is enough to make a couple of plastic bottles, pierce them and insert the ice. Through the use of wire or a cord, we hold the bottles in our fan, so that the expelled air will have a low temperature and will cool a room. suits place a towel or some container under of the fan, which will be responsible for absorbing the condensation produced.

for crafty

If you are a handy person, you can ditch the simple amateur tricks and build a real air conditioner. Through thermoelectric platesvarious tools, a wooden board and used computer parts (such as heat sinks, PC fans, and a power supply), we can manufacture a network connected air conditioner, similar to those on sale in the market. In this video tutorial they explain how to make it, step by step.