How to keep the parquet always shiny

Definitive tricks to clean the parquet Getty Images

There is no better feeling than brand new park In your home. But keeping it in good condition is an almost impossible task for most families. The children, pets or simply the useconsiderably worsen the appearance of our floor.

A parquet in poor condition greatly worsens the appearance of your home. That’s why we bring you five definitive tricks to keep the parquet always in good condition and surprise your guests.

Tricks to leave the parquet shiny

Choose the right products. you must have a lot be careful with the cleaning products you use. Many of these contain chemicals that spoil the floor of our home. Therefore, it is important that, before using any product on the parquet, you check its components. Avoid those that have a high acid component or, containing silicones or waxes. These substances, although they solve the problem in the short term, end up damaging the parquet and take away its shine.

Remove stains quickly. When we drop something on the ground, especially if it is liquidwe must clean it immediately, before it penetrates into the wood. One trick is to use a dryer to prevent moisture from accumulating in the wood.

Clean the parquet regularly. Vacuum once a week. In this way, you will prevent any particles from being trapped in the wood. After vacuuming, pass the mop by the park. use un special product for wood and make sure it’s well drained to prevent the soil from getting too wet.

Avoid humidity. The extreme conditions they are the worst allies of the floor of our home. An too humid environment or extremely dried will considerably damage the parquet. According to experts, the environmental humidity of our house should be around 35-65%.

Protect the wood from the sun. The sunlight lightens and damages the parquet ahead of schedule. Therefore, lower the Blinds in the central hours of the sun and run the curtains. With this simple gesture, you will protect your wood from external damage and it will last longer in perfect condition.