How to install a ceiling fan, step by step

Now that the heat is tightening, you may be looking for how to cool your house. An ceiling fan It can be an excellent option, even if you have air conditioning, since it provides fresh air and also has a much lower consumption than other devices.

So if you have decided to install one in your home, we will explain how can you install it, step by step. Keep in mind that your fan is connected to the electrical outlets of the house and that this installation will depend on the roof type where you want to hang it. You may come across a roof with concrete slab, slab with vaults or a false ceiling. In each case you should use the most suitable studs for each surface. Also make sure that the slab is in good condition to avoid scares.

It is also important that you choose the device well, taking into account the dimensions of the room in which you are going to install it and the use you will give it, since the device may have more or less blades, power or light. Think carefully about what you need.

How to install a ceiling fan

To install the fan you must disconnect the power supply of the light from the general panel. You must also take into account minimum distances to install the fan. So the distance to the ground should be 2.4 meters and should be about 50 centimeters from the side wall.

The first thing you should do is mount the fan blades. To do this, remove the retaining screws of the casing with the screwdriver. Place the blades and screw back. This point is very important for it to work properly. place the base of the luminaire with the bulb sockets. The base and the wiring have a splice that you must connect. Fit the base of the luminaire into the body of the fan and screw. take the medium of the fan and place it on the ceiling. Mark with a pencil where you will make the holes for the dowels. Drill at the marked points and insert the plugs into the bracket and screw to the ceiling. You already have the support anchored to the ceiling. Now you must do the light connections. Make the colors of both parts coincide in the terminal: neutral (blue), black, gray or brown (phase) and yellow or green (earth connection).

Hang the fan from the bracket from the ceiling and make the electrical connections. Place the trim and tighten the screws. You already have it ready to use.