How to improve the efficiency and relevance of your ads in Google Ads: SEM Tips Guide


Well, nothing, today it’s time to put some ads. You enter the planner, enter keywords, configure, set limits and publish. Wait, right?

Well, you can fine-tune the instrument a little better and thus get more out of the campaigns. That’s what we’re in this for, right? To get the most out of these campaigns, we recommend starting with the SEM optimization tips that Channable has compiled. asking PPC specialists who work in digital marketing agencies:

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And then, optimize your ads even more with the following tips that will improve your relationship with customers.

7 SEM Tips from digital marketing agencies

1. Make ads more accurate

Some more generic text ads may be able to reach more people. But the truth is that the more precise it is, the more it will appeal to a consumer close to the purchase.

Let’s take advantage of it.

2. Create long tail ads at the product level

Put the focus on the keywords Long-tail is a common tactic in SEO, but it can also be very useful for ads. When you use long tail in PPC:

They are more specific product terms and that usually means more consumer interest. Searching for “backpack” is not the same as searching for “black waterproof 20-litre backpack”.

More specificity means less search volume. And precisely for this reason, many advertisers overlook them.

If the CPC depends on the demand, uncompetitive terms will have a lower cost. But everything is great when you have few products. What happens when your feed/catalog is hundreds or thousands of products and you want to create an ad for each of them?

In those cases, it is essential to resort to SEM automation tools. For example, with Channable you can combine static text with dynamic feed fields in a simple template. And so you generate thousands of long-tail ads at the product level without breaking a sweat.

3. Update constantly

There are consumers who are very attentive to trends and news. Others may be related to your brand and may be tempted by your new products. In fact, according to Googlethe 15% of daily searches are unique. That is, these keywords have never been searched for before. The market does not stop and consumers are pending.

Don’t hesitate: use the dynamic information in the feed to configure text ads so that real and updated information is published immediately.

As soon as you include new products in your catalog, you will automatically generate a new ad. And if the information in the catalog changes (for example prices or stock), the copy of the ads will be updated in real time.

4. That the texts incite to action

Offering is not the same as tempting. A good copywriter knows how to press the keys to get readers into action. Thus multiply the conversion of the ads. Surely you already know some of the copywriting techniques, because we are constantly exposed to them as consumers. Well, you can also try it. Try the following.

5. Include prices in ad copy

What is sometimes convenient to say “later” is sometimes interesting to say immediately, in the same ad. Especially if:

Your competition doesn’t, so it looks like they’re hiding something. You are in a promotional campaign and you do not want to limit yourself to saying that you are on sale: you want it to be seen. If you know that he is a consumer, he already knows the average price of the product and your offer may surprise him.

Add the prices, discounts and offers in the titles or descriptions of the ads.

6. Create a sense of urgency

There is something very peculiar in our nature: the feeling of loss increases the desire to possess, even when at first we did not really want to. A product may seem interesting to you, but… it doesn’t bother you. You decide you can do without it. But when we see that the same product is scarce, we want it now!

Create FOMO (fear of missing out, «fear of losing it») is one of the most effective and direct tactics to increase sales. How is it done?

Indicate in the title or description how many units are left for sale, if it is a low number. Are there very few? Say it.

Indicates the units sold or the people who already have it. We are social, we look at what others do, especially if there are many. Are you going to be the only person who doesn’t buy?

Hurry up the offer ends! Sales peak when there is little time left to close access. If you put a timer or cut-off time on your ad, people will feel urgency and buy more.

7. Include the EAN or GTIN in the text

In addition to long tails, another way to add specificity (in this case, a lot) is to use the Product code. You ask yourself, who wants to look for that? Moreover, who knows the code?

Well, the professional who has a brand’s product catalog next to the keyboard. For example, imagine a mechanic or a computer scientist looking for a product of a very specific model. Without thinking about it, you will surely try to search with the name and the serial number of the model (EANn or GTIN).

And there you appear with your offer. A technical professional is not looking for these products to pass the time: he is thinking of buying. You are in a gold mine.

Give your ads a boost

You see, with a little here and a little there, you can create more effective ads. Do you dare with some extra SEM techniques? In this guide that Channable has prepared, you have other tips from digital marketing agencies to improve your ads.

Download the guide with SEM tips

as easy as try them and see how the conversion increases.

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