How to do effective marketing for events: 5 tips to keep in mind


Since last year, the economic outlook has begun a recovery process after the global crisis caused by the pandemic. A process that little by little has been taking up presence in various aspects, one of these being the creation of events.

Events can serve as a beneficial tool for the development of companies, offering a means with which to promote different key aspects for their growth. Such as the loyalty, lead generation and creating brand awareness deeper; even in cases of more specific or research projects, they can serve as an educational channel for the community to relate more directly to the projects. Taking this into account, and the search for presence that communities can present after long periods of confinement, the value that events can bring to a company is indisputable.

5 tips for effective event marketing

However, to achieve maximum effectiveness with an event, different factors must be taken into account: the logistics, location, theme, etc. But one of the most important is, without a doubt, the marketing behind this, because if it is not promoted properly, the event may not meet the estimated reach and penetration expectations. Here we review some of the marketing aspects that must be addressed when making a successful event.

1. Communication campaign

Today the social networks are an indispensable tool for any business. These allow you to generate a most direct communication channel with your audience, in addition to becoming alternative sales channels. In the case of events, these serve as promotional channels, publicizing through publications the date, location and subject of the event, along with other details.

On the other hand, media, whether written or visual, also fulfill this function. So it never hurts integrate the promotion of events through press releases or advertising spots on television or radio. These appeal to a more traditional, but equally effective diffusion.

2. Social media giveaways

As we already mentioned, social networks are a great tool for marketing, and one of the strategies most used by brands are raffles. These types of posts can arouse a greater interest in the followers of a profile by offering a prize or profit for their participation.

When relating it to an event, several possibilities are also opened, such as the raffle tickets or items related to the event; raffles based on the presence of followers at the event: it can be in terms of information about what is presented at the event, photographs or even a treasure hunt. All these actions will serve to raise the interest of the public in the aforementioned event and achieve greater interaction, and may even create an expectation about future events.

3. Street Marketing

Although we are in a time of extensive digitization, physical marketing is also important, especially for these cases. Regardless of the type or theme of the event, the printed material is very important, by this we mean: banners, posters, stickers, displays, flyers, posters, canvases, among others. Which will serve not only to promote on the street, but to identify different aspects within the event.

In the other aspects, the management of the strategy essentially depends on the marketing teams. However, in this it is necessary to have the support of a third party that can provide the necessary materials and services to obtain all the equipment that we mention.

4. Advertising campaign

Another aspect to take into account is the publicity of the event. Covering social networks and street marketing, they fulfill a good dissemination function. But, by launching an advertising campaign it is possible to reach a larger audience, as it can be with the external advertising: Mupis, Canopies or Fences.

Also, with the online ads on platforms like Google, Facebook and the banners on websites it is possible to further boost this scope. Especially from the ad targetingwhich makes it possible to reach an audience more aligned with the interests of the event.

5. Exclusive shipments to databases and landing page

Every company, brand or business has a database, which can be useful in many cases, and even in this one we are dealing with. Starting from the information retrieved from these databases, an event can be triggered by generating sending invitations or exclusive information to the users present in it. In addition to incorporating shipments to the databases of suppliers and associated brands to the event.

On the other hand, having a good landing page it is a key factor for the smooth running of events, especially those that have a registration button. This page will serve as an entrance and hook for all those attending the event, so it must have a good description and highlight the most important points of it. Which can be: the speakers, topics to be discussed, prices, etc. All this to ensure a frictionless experience for anyone who arrives and wants to be part of the experience.

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