How to create your new 3D avatar on TikTok


It is increasingly common for people to interact in virtual spaces, which is why digital platforms strive to provide new creative tools to users for a more attractive experience. In this sense, TikTok has announced, through a statement, the launch of its new 3D avatar creation feature.

According to the company, avatars are one more way to encourage creativity among its users and join a series of innovations such as Effect House, Library and extend the duration of your videos up to 10 minutes.

TikTok has stated in its release: “We are excited to launch the first version of TikTok Avatars globally and will continue to improve and innovate to ensure that the experience is truly representative of everyone on TikTok. From outfits to skin tones to hair color to texture, creating inclusive features and experiences remains our priority, and we will continue to listen to our community and seek creator input at every step of its development. .”

In reality, 3D avatars are not really new and in fact TikTok has been the last digital platform to incorporate them. The functions provided by TikTok are very similar to Apple’s memoji, a kind of virtual puppet capable of imitating the actions of people when looking at the camera. Likewise, Meta’s 3D avatars are very advanced and are available to use on Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat also has its own avatars called bitmoji.

How to create your own 3D avatar from a video

To start creating your own 3D avatar on TikTok, you must first start making a video and look in the section of “effects”, the “TikTok avatar” option within the “interactive” category. You can choose to use preconfigured avatars or start your creation from scratch to best fit your image and likeness.

A feature that differentiates the process of creating 3D avatars in TikTok of other applications, is that not based on a photo. On the contrary, you must manually choose the skin tone, hairstyle, face shape and other features such as eyebrows, mouth, ears and beard. After this you can access a gallery of accessories to further customize the avatar such as earrings, makeup, piercings, hats and glasses, among others.

When you have finished creating the avatar, it is saved and you can easily access it from the 3D avatar filter, so you won’t have to set it up again next time. After saving, you can use it for your next videos like any other filter.

For now the avatars have no body, they are a head that is superimposed on your own body when recording a video, as if it were a filter. When recording, the avatar will follow your gestures and movements.


Tiktok avatar is now available. Post your video with your new TikTok avatar! 🤩 #TikTokAvatars

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