How to create quality visual content in the home sector


Today, it is essential that all brands that want to find their niche in the market offer good visual content to their customers. And what we understood as quality visual content a few years ago has now become the standard level, so brands have to get their act together if they want to stand out from their competitors.

In the home sector, customers have always preferred to buy products in physical stores, since they preferred to see them with their own eyes to make sure that it was really what they were looking for. However, with the improvement of the online service and the quality of the visual content that brands include in their eCommerce, more and more customers have switched to online shopping.

Of course, in this sector it is not enough to just take “pretty photos”, but we must offer our clients the visual content necessary for them to understand the product, to help them know if the product meets the characteristics they are looking for, and that I manage to convince you.

Photography eCommerce has launched a free guide to visual content in the home sector, in which they analyze the visual strategy that three brands in the sector are following: Kave Home, Bedland and Verdecora. In addition, they include numerous tips that you can apply to your brand, including:

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3 Tips for improve the visual strategy of your brand

1. Use ambient photos

These types of images show the product in context, placed in the room where it would normally go (such as the bedroom or kitchen), also including decorative elements that make the scene more believable. These photos help the customer to visualize the product in their own home, which is much more difficult if we only show the product on a white background. In addition, it also helps them get an idea of ​​its size, since they can compare it with the rest of the elements that appear in the image.

home sector photography

Photo taken from a Bedland product sheet

2. Use photos with a model at specific moments

According to the brands that appear in the eCommerce Photography guide, photos with models are not always as effective. They usually work best in the discovery phase, when the brand has the first contact with the customer and seeks notoriety.

Once the client enters the decision phase, in which they need more information about the product and are in the purchase decision process, they prefer to see the rooms without a model. This is because it is more difficult for them to imagine the product that appears in the image in their living room or in their bathroom, since they are already seeing someone “living” there. For this reason, they recommend using them more in specific marketing campaigns or on social networks, and not so much in product sheets.

3. Select the right influencers

If you are going to collaborate with influencers, it is essential that you analyze the profile of their followers to find out if they correspond to the target your brand is targeting. You should also analyze the values ​​that the influencer transmits, since they must be related to your brand, as well as the type of content that they usually create. In addition, the level of engagement they have is important.

In the home sector, there are profiles that can fit very well with your brand, and not only because of the values, but also because of the lifestyle they have. In the end, resorting to profiles that show a lot of their day-to-day life at home, or that they like to cook, organize, decorate, or art, can help them generate much more natural content that convinces the customer.

Your followers will be interested in these types of products, as they will be used to seeing them on the influencer’s profile, and it is probably one of the reasons why they follow you. Therefore, they are surely part of your target audience.

These are just some of the tips that you will find in the guide, with which you will be able to improve the visual strategy of your brand. So if you want to know more about how other household brands are doing it, and about the advice you can carry out in your brand, don’t hesitate to download it.

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