How to clean the plastic pool in your house

Summer has arrived and removable pools they are a good idea to cool off if you have space for them. In addition, they are for the whole family, since they can be enjoyed by children and adults. What you do have to take into account when installing these swimming pools of plastic are the necessary security measures, since they cannot be mounted anywhere, and how to do the maintenance.

Many of these removable pools do not usually have filters or treatment plants, so dirt tends to accumulate easily and bacteria that are harmful to health can appear. Therefore, it is advisable to clean them with some frequency.

It is enough to have at hand a disinfectant par excellence as it is white vinegar, bleach, clean water, and dishwashing soap.

How to clean removable pools

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Empty detachable pool

First of all, it must empty dirty water of the detachable pool to start cleaning it right after. It is best to do it often to prevent more algae or mold from appearing. The more time passes, the more all that dirt will adhere to the surface and the more it will cost to remove it.

Prepare the mix

Simply fill a container with water and a few drops of white vinegar. With a cloth, proceed to clean the entire pool, rubbing especially the areas where there is more accumulated dirt. An alternative to white vinegar is dishwasher soap, above all, because the smell it gives off is more pleasant. In addition to the usual cloths, you can use root brushes always being careful not to damage the plastic and avoid the dreaded punctures or breakages.

If your pool hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and a lot of gunk has built up, it’s a good idea to use a mix of water and bleach. More specifically, one part of bleach should be diluted in three parts of water and proceed to clean the walls and bottom of the pool with a cloth. Aside from these home remediesyou can also choose special products like anti-algae.

rinse it well

Once the cleaning of the entire pool is finished, it is important rinse it well with plenty of water to remove all traces of the mixture that has been used. It is best to do it with a pressure hose. In any case, it should be rinsed several times. In addition, it is recommended have a filter so you don’t have to constantly change the water. This system, which usually contains sand, will help remove the dirt that settles at the bottom of the pool.

Cleaning tricks: How to make your home’s plastic pool sparkle

Other products that help make the water transparent are chlorine -liquid, pill or powder-, Salt to disinfect the water and active oxygen, which acts on the organic remains of the water. The latter is also found in both pills and liquid.

Once the summer is over and it’s time to clean up the pool for good until next year, it’s always better keep it clean and dry.

cleaning tips

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