How to clean the floating floor so that it looks like new

The wooden floors They are fashionable, that is something undeniable. Increasingly in houses it is common for floors to have this coating, as in newly built houses.

It is usual that these soils be laminates or floating platform. What is the difference between both? The floating floor is the parquet floor that is not glued to the ground, that is, they have a floating installation, while the laminates are made up of several layers of different materials. They are also usually floating and their installation system is ‘click’.

The difference between the two is that the platform is made with treated wood but softer than laminate and wears and scratches more easily. Laminate floors are harder and better resist moisture, stains and scratches.

If the laminated flooring is damaged, it will be necessary to stab it to recover its original image. An investment of time and money that we are going to try to avoid. So we will tell you how to clean the laminated flooring so that it keeps its best appearance.

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How to clean laminated flooring

The dust, the footwear that comes from the street, the remains of food… in short, the day-to-day life of any home is likely to stain your floating floor. As we have already told you, this type of soil is quite delicate so you have to clean it in the right way to increase its durability.

Thus, the first thing you should do to clean your floating floor is to remove all traces of dirt that are on the surface. For this, it is best to pass the Vacuum cleaner, but you must take into account that it has to have the brush mode or the function for harder floors. It is also very useful to use a mop.

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When it comes to scrubbing your laminated flooring, the fundamental thing is to do it with the suitable products and wring out the mop well. Scrubbing the laminated flooring once or twice a week will be enough to maintain its shine. Check with the manufacturer of the floor if they recommend any specific product for cleaning or you can do it with clean and distilled water.

pass the mop in the direction of the wooden sheets to prevent dirt and water from entering the grooves and exerting some pressure. Make sure that the mop, in addition to being very well drained, is very clean.

Finally, scrub the floor again, this time with clean water, with nothing else to remove excess detergent from the floor. It will be spectacular.