How to clean plant leaves with milk, beer and banana

Among the cleaning tasks that you do in your house, there may be one that you have a little forgotten and you should not: clean your plants. Yes, these living beings that you have in your home require more care in addition to their irrigation and fertilizer, their leaves must also be treated with great care.

Why do they need you to clean them? Very simple, on the surface of the leaves they carry out the photosynthesisso if they accumulate dust, dirt or other substances, they may find it difficult to do and end up dying.

In any case, do not worry because it is not a very tedious task nor should you do it daily although, like everything else, it will depend on how many and how your plants are. The best thing is to ask an expert when you buy a specific specimen, since he will tell you exactly how to clean it, but here we can offer you some general tricks that can help you.

How to clean the plants

If you want to refresh your plants and at the same time remove the little dust they may have, a good solution is put them under the tap, but be careful. The water should not come out very strong so that it does not damage the leaves and the water should be lukewarm, neither too cold nor too hot. And most importantly: do not put a plant that has water on its leaves in direct sunlight, they can burn.

The infallible trick to make your plants sparkling with beer

If you want to remove dust or other substances that have accumulated on the surface, you can use, for example, a cloth with water. Moisten the cloth and clean the leaves from the base to the end, holding the back and without pressing, gently so as not to damage them.

Another of the products that are usually used to clean the leaves is the milk. Milk helps prevent the appearance of fungus on your plants. You will only have to moisten a cloth in milk and clean the leaves. It is not necessary to clarify it, you will see how they recover their original shine.

A beer cane.

Beer. Yes, the beer It is another of the products that you have at home and that can be used for your plants. The properties of barley will give them an incomparable shine and the potassium, calcium and magnesium it contains will give them a lot of vigor. So, if you have any beer that has left you unbraved, don’t hesitate, take advantage of it by moistening a cotton ball and cleaning your plants with it.

Finally, another very effective remedy is the banana skin. Take that banana that you just ate, take one of the strips and gently pass the inside of the leaf. It is not necessary to clarify it later, just remove any rest that may have been left and you will see it shiny.