How to choose a good brand for your road bike chainrings?

The bicycle chainring brand It is important and to choose it, you must take into account the use that you are going to give your bicycle, the frequency with which you use it and, above all, if it is a mountain bike or a road bike.

In today’s article we are going to give you the best tips for choosing a brand of bicycle chainrings that suits your needs, your physical condition and your goals.

Road chainrings represent one of the most complex parts to replace when we want to have an alternative to what the manufacturer had designed, so it is important to have a certain orientation and knowledge to choose the best one. brand of bicycle chainrings and know what type of adaptation you must carry out to enjoy all its advantages.

What should you look for to choose the brand of bicycle chainrings?

Things to look out for when choosing bicycle chainring brand They are the number of teeth it has, the indexing, the number of gears, the mounting standard and the clamping diameter.

It is important to know that all the transmission components of a bike are developed to work with a specific number of gears, but you cannot mix a bike chainring for 10-speed transmissions with an 11V transmission, for example.

As for the indexing, it can be different in each manufacturer, so that all the chainrings of a bottom bracket must be, at least, of the same brand.

The clamping diameter of a chainring, on the other hand, refers to the diameter of the circle that deals with joining two screws of the chainring passing through the center and to measure it in a bottom bracket that has 4 arms, you can calculate the distance between the axis and axis, between 2 fastening screws, facing each other.

As for the number of teeth on the chainring, the lower the number of teeth, the less effort it takes to move it.

And finally, for the assembly standard you must bear in mind that the bottom bracket models we see today are completely prepared to be specific assemblies between chainrings and bottom brackets and, although the clamping diameter is still the one we already knew, the position or the way of holding the dish may change. You have to identify the specific elements to mount or adapt a new chainring.

To choose the best brand of chainrings for bicycles of road, there is nothing more successful than having the experience of a company specialized in the sale of bicycle components, which can advise you and indicate the best option.

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