How the integration of Amazon Pay led to a 5% increase in sales to TiendaAzul [Case Study]


TiendaAzul started its digital appliance sales business 20 years ago, when e-commerce was still an unexplored field, but where its founders saw enormous potential to grow and expand. And they were not wrong, currently their sales exceed 27,000 products and maintain an average inventory of 8,800 items.

The TiendaAzul team has always been interested in improving electronic commerce systems. Technical sophistication, specialized customer service and an accessible user experience have been the key to their secret with which they have managed to offer quality products at affordable prices without neglecting their relationship with customers.

Becoming a reference for any user who needs and searches for electronic products and appliances is the reason why TiendaAzul regularly updates its information resources. They offer premium services, such as home delivery anywhere on the peninsula and the Balearic Islands and installation of equipment at home. In addition to customer service by WhatsApp.

Having the customer at the center of its business model, TiendaAzul was one of the first Spanish online stores that understood that integration with Amazon Pay could bring good benefits.

How Amazon Pay benefited TiendaAzul

AmazonPay, is the Amazon payment system. A service that works as an intermediary, which does not require registration or delivery of personal and payment data on third-party portals, as users can use their Amazon account to pay on affiliate merchant websites.

This payment method is very useful for customers, who can avoid providing sensitive information in virtual stores, feel more secure throughout the purchase process and track the order from the Amazon website.

Amazon Pay has been integrated by many Spanish eCommerce, including: ShopBlue that shows how this integration has been beneficial for your company. Affirming that the incorporation of this service helped them to attract, retain their customers and improve the confidence of their online store.

Attract new customers and retain regular ones: Amazon Pay integration benefits

Consumption habits are constantly changing and TiendaAzul has always pursued the goal of improving the shopping experience for users, who want shorter delivery times, automated processes and more digitization. This is why they decided to integrate Amazon Pay into their platform. With the aim of achieving a greater number of sales while offering safer purchases to users and eliminating the friction of the payment process.

As they explain the result was successful, between 5 and 10% of your customers with purchase intention, use Amazon Pay to complete your transactions. In addition to this, TiendaAzul sales increased by 5% since they began their collaboration with Amazon Pay.

They have achieved attract more customers Y increase retention rate of regular customers thanks to the fact that they take less time to complete their purchase, because they do not have to register or enter any data; In addition, by using Amazon Pay they feel safer and more confident in the entire process.

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