How should the maintenance of an air conditioner be carried out in Sant Cugat?

Once we install air conditioning in our home, it should be considered that throughout its life, it is more than advisable to carry out maintenance on the air conditioning in Sant Cugat, to prevent breakdowns or failures from arising. This is how we are going to ensure that the equipment works correctly, that its performance is more efficient, and we avoid possible breakdowns from appearing.

Before carrying out the maintenance of the air conditioning in Sant Cugat, in the situation in which we suspect that the accessories are not working correctly, we suggest contacting an air conditioning maintenance professional in Sant Cugat to supervise the installation and review the performance of the equipment, that there are no elements that obstruct the outlets, and that there are no refrigerant leaks, among other factors.

The indoor unit of the split air conditioner requires simple maintenance that can be done by the customer. On the one hand, we must do maintenance on the air conditioning in Sant Cugat, periodically, on the air conditioning filters and on the other, maintenance on the drain. In this way, dirt is prevented from accumulating in the indoor unit, which lowers the performance of the equipment, generates much higher energy consumption, and can even cause failures or breakdowns.

What needs to be cleaned when we carry out air conditioning maintenance in Sant Cugat?

The filters inside the air conditioners filter the air by absorbing dust and pollen particles, to keep the air clean of impurities.

For this reason, it is appropriate to periodically clean the appliance’s filters, at least once a year.

The implementation of the air conditioning sets in the coldest mode causes an evaporation process to take place in the indoor unit, which causes a few drops of water to accumulate inside the system. The drain is a thin tube through which water falls under its own weight. If it is not cleaned from time to time, the accumulated water could cause bad odours, the appearance of bacteria or create breakdowns in handling. It is appropriate to drain the equipment from time to time.

To ensure its proper handling, avoid the proliferation of bacteria and also preserve the aesthetics of the appliance, it is appropriate to do a superficial cleaning of the indoor unit, using the appropriate products.

The outdoor unit has some of the main elements of the air conditioner, such as the compressor, exchanger, or the refrigerant. The outdoor units are located outdoors, so it is appropriate to check them and clean them superficially on a regular basis so that no accumulation of dirt is generated and to ensure that no external element is obstructing the passage of the wind or the fan grills.