How much do professionals in the digital sector earn in Spain (2022)


Spring Professionalthe Adecco Group middle management, middle management and executive selection consultancy has presented a new edition of its Spring Professional Guide to the 2022 labor market for Ecommerce & Digital, which analyzes the ten most in-demand positions in the sector in Spain from a salary, functional and geographical distribution.

Profiles and salaries in the Digital & eCommerce sector: CDO, the best paid

As Spring explains in his report, “despite the high demand for technology professionals, there are currently not enough profiles prepared at a technical level to assume this type of position. Consequently, salaries have increased since these are scarce profiles. In addition, the selection of international candidates has also grown due to the lack of profiles prepared at the national level»

One more year, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is the best paid profile in Spain in 2021 in the Digital & E-Commerce sector. Of course, if the 2021 report explained that this type of professional could reach 90,000 euros per year if they exceed a decade of experience in a corporate company in the Community of Madrid, in 2022 Spring reduces this amount to €75,000.

With salaries that can reach €55,000 annual we find posts like Digital Marketing Manager and SEO Manager. On the next step is the Ecommerce Manager-which is also the most demanded- who can receive 50,000 euros a year in Catalonia or Madrid with more than a decade of experience.

With remunerations that can exceed 45,000 euros per year, we find the profiles of Performance Marketing Manager, Marketing Automation Specialist and KAM Marketplaces. Finally, with up 40,000 euros to the Content Manager.

Profiles with the best salaries in the sector

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

This professional defines the global digital strategy or the digital transformation strategy throughout the company. He is responsible for creating synergies between product, marketing, sales and operations, and promoting a culture driven by data and focused on innovation and technology. As we said, it is the best paid professional in the Ecommerce & Digital sector. The annual remuneration can reach 75,000 euros if you work in the Community of Madrid or in Catalonia.

Growth Manager

He receives a remuneration that can reach €60,000 in case of having 10 years of experience in regions such as Madrid or Catalonia.

This figure is responsible for the acquisition and retention of web and mobile users. Define and monitor the strategy for paid and organic channels, as well as user traceability to optimize retention and conversion. It is a figure focused on growth in both sales and user conversions, depending on the business model. It is a very common and demanded position in companies in the escalation phase.

Digital Analyst

has a maximum salary of €60,000 annually if it exceeds ten years in a company located in Catalonia or in the Community of Madrid, where the highest remuneration for these professionals is registered.

It is in charge of unifying and analyzing the data obtained on the platforms of the different departments of the company to apply them to the marketing plans. Its functions include the preparation of a report based on data analysis with recommendations on the strategies to follow based on the company’s objectives. It monitors the digital footprint left by the company on all its platforms, analyzes the KPIs of actions and campaigns, leads the improvement of data analysis techniques and maintains close communication with all internal or external company departments. .

Digital Marketing Manager

He is responsible for defining and implementing the digital marketing strategy in a company with the main objective of attracting customers or users, using all the tools, channels, technology and techniques at his disposal. It is a responsibility role, with budget, team or supplier management, very clear objectives and direct impact on the income statement. The salary of the Digital Marketing Manager has a remuneration that reaches €55,000 in case your experience exceeds ten years, in autonomies such as the Community of Madrid or Catalonia, slightly less than the previous year, when the Spring report assured that it could reach 57,000-60,000 euros in companies located in Aragon, Asturias, Catalonia, the Community of Madrid, Galicia and the Basque Country.


The salary of the SEO Manager can reach 55,000 euros per year in the Community of Madrid and Catalonia, with a decade of experience, a figure that increases from the previous year (€ 50,000).

This figure is in charge of planning and implementing the on-site/off-site SEO strategy for all the websites of a company, making sure to optimize the organic acquisition of users.

Ecommerce Manager

The E-commerce Manager is ultimately responsible for the results of online sales, both direct and mediated with marketplaces. His role is to lead the strategy, the investment and the team that works in all the departments linked to online sales. It is the most demanded profile in the sector. The annual salary you receive if you have more than ten years of experience in regions such as Madrid or Catalonia is €50,000. In the 2021 report this figure was much higher, 80,000 euros.


This profile reaches in some regions the €45,000 annual as compensation if they have been doing this job for more than ten years.

It is in charge of managing the digital accounts, diversifying them and carrying out payment campaigns on channels such as social networks. He is responsible for the strategy, planning, implementation, performance, and ROI of various paid marketing channels. Its objective is to obtain user interaction through measurable results, beyond the simple fact of being known.

Marketing Automation Specialist

The salary, if they have been doing this job for more than a decade, can reach until 45,000 euros per year in companies located in the Community of Madrid or Catalonia.

Its functions are to automate and analyze the marketing and sales processes, analyze the list of leads to improve the sales process, generate automatic responses for new leads, and organize these leads by behavior patterns to offer each customer personalized content. The goal is to speed up the process of capturing leads and converting them into real customers.

KAM marketplace

The Key Account Manager (KAM) Marketplaces can receive a salary of up to 45,000 euros per year with a decade of experience in certain regions, a similar salary level compared to 2021.

The KAM Marketplace profile is responsible for managing large accounts in the supply area of ​​a marketplace, including retailers, hotels, airlines, destination services, distributors, etc. Its function is commercial with an impact on the margin and sales of the marketplace.

content manager

This position may have a remuneration of 40,000 euros per year if you have more than ten years of experience in Catalonia or the Community of Madrid, slightly less than the 45,000 that Spring detailed in the 2021 report.

This figure is in charge of the text and audiovisual content of all the communication and marketing pieces of a brand, both for the web, as well as for the blog, networks, advertising and any other medium or channel. In collaboration with the Marketing, Communication and Graphic Design departments, he is a key figure for brand identity.

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