How Amazon Vine works, the customer review tool that Amazon does allow


In the world of eCommerce, where we can’t inspect products in person, it’s common to check the comments what other consumers have done about the goods and services we intend to purchase. In the case of Amazon, the platform itself asks you for this evaluation after your purchase and, surely, more than once you have thought that it is a waste of time… so, You have missed a great opportunity. You know Amazon Vine? If the answer is “no”, don’t worry, we’ll tell you 😉.

What is Amazon Vine

Most consumers they trust the opinion that others reflect in their reviews, much more than in the photos or the description of the article put by the website or by the manufacturers. It is clear that with this statement we are not discovering the gunpowder, and this is not new for Amazon either, in 2014, aware of this fact, he decided to create his Amazon Vine program, whose main objective was to increase the number of reviews of newly launched products, accelerating interest in them and encouraging their purchase.

Through this program, Amazon seeks to encourage review authors to continue this activity in exchange for rewards like free products, for example. The objective of this action is to have a community of authors of quality reviews, who can help the consumers of the marketplace. Thus, Amazon ensures that its products are reliable and also gives brands the opportunity to test and improve public preferencesbeing able to develop better alternatives.

Who can be part of Amazon Vine

The truth is that Amazon Vine is the one who looks for you and not the other way around, you can only access the program by invitation. In order for the tech giant to consider you worthy of belonging to Amazon Vine, you must be a customer (of course) who writes reviews of the products you buy on the marketplace on a regular basis.

But not only that, but these should be considered useful, also if you reach the reputation of “expert” in certain product categoriesyou will have even more chances of being invited.

How it works and what are the rules of Amazon Vine

Once inside the program, there are a series of publication rules that you must follow. But, in case you were wondering, Vine doesn’t penalize negative reviews. trust the judgment of each author and does not edit or interfere in any way in the ratings. This is a way of guaranteeing its veracity and usefulness.

However, there are a number of reasons why Amazon may decide to remove your feedback:

That you have a direct or indirect financial interest or link with the product. That you have a personal relationship with the owner, author or artist of the product you are commenting on. That you review a product that is your work or that of your company. You write multiple negative reviews on the same product. That you make reviews in exchange for monetary rewards. That you review a game in exchange for bonus credits in that game. That you are an artist who elaborates positive opinions of the works of other colleagues in exchange for favorable reviews from them.

To avoid some of these situations, Amazon is in charge of acting as an intermediary between product manufacturers and Vine members. In this way there is no contact between the two and it is the program that distributes the free products to the authors of reviews so that they can generate their opinions objectively.

As with any other review, Amazon customers can rate whether or not Amazon Vine member reviews were helpful to them, so that the program can know if their chosen ones are doing a good job.

Controversy over fake reviews

Likewise, on Amazon’s own website, the technology giant distances itself, just in case, from the veracity of these reviews, which is still paradigmatic. A program that seeks to maintain an ecosystem of reliable reviews does not carry out any type of control over them. This is directly related to the fake review scandals that the marketplace has suffered over time.

Fakespot, the review analysis website, revealed in 2019 that most Amazon reviews were either fake or well paid. In fact, according to data from Fakespot, there were once product categories where fake reviews outnumbered real ones. This was the case for electronicswith 61% fake reviews vs. 39% real reviews, beauty and cosmetics (63% fake reviews), sneakers (59%) and vitamin supplements (64%).

In May 2020, the research firm Safety Detectives uncovered a database containing more than 7GB of records corresponding to more than 200,000 people offering their services to create fake reviews in exchange for brands providing them with financial rewards or in the form of products.

And, more recently, in 2021Amazon removed and imposed bans on over 600 vendors from their marketplace for falsifying reviews. In addition to this, it also came to withhold funds from some of these companies, acting in accordance with its legal protocol.

The Vine Hall of Fame

Requesting access to enter the exclusive Vine authors club is not possible, however there is the possibility of peeking into that world and meet the top commenters on Amazon Vine Spain. In this ranking we find those authors who have developed a reputation as experts in certain products.

Amazon Vine is made up of a total of 10,000 review writers, and many of them have made the stratospheric amount of more than a thousand reviews. But the big prize goes to Merysc, who has written nothing more and nothing less than 5,230 reviews (for now). Merysc, if you ever read us, we would love to chat with you, we have many questions.

So remember, the next time you buy an item take that minute to leave a review, not only will you help others choose their purchases with confidence, but you could end up being one of the chosen to test products.

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