Housfy closes a round of €30M and announces that it expects to triple its turnover compared to 2021


Since the beginning of 2000, specifically between 1996 and 2006, the real estate sector had a particular boom in the Spanish market. Although, after this rise, it was stuck in a high-demand model where innovation was left in the background. However, entering the next decade and until now, thanks to a greater presence of digital features and solutions, this world was giving rise to new participants such as Housfy, Housell, Clickalia, Tiko, Spotahome, long live and many others.

Housfy is one of the most relevant, and one of the ones that has received the most support in this time. Now, that support is reinforced with a new round of financing.

30 million euros more to promote the growth of Housfy

The startup has announced the closure of a Series B financing round of 30 million euros, thus raising the capital received in successive rounds to 52.7 million euros. The operation has been led by Frog Capital, but has had other participants such as the British fund A/O Proptech and pre-existing investors in Housfy’s capital such as Banco Santander, DN Capital, Seaya Ventures, Aldea Ventures and ICF.

As the company explained in a statement, “we will allocate this new injection of capital to the development of our platform. Our goal will be continue to improve the user experience and integrate new services, making the processes easier and within the reach of all our consumers. On the other hand, the inflow of capital will also serve to boost our business model in Portugal and Italy.

For your part Albert Bosch, CEO and founder explained that “This round allows us to promote the growth of the ecosystem of services that we are building, which gives us the ability to open and scale different businesses that, connected to each other, help us offer a better user experience, finding solutions to everything related to your home and from the same platform”.

Housfy plans to close in 2022 with a turnover of 43 million of euros. In addition, a growth of nearly 200% compared to 2021 (15 million). The company has a team of 370 professionals and expects to end the year with 550.

Brief history of Housfy

What is Housfy and where did he come from?

To talk about Housfy, we must clearly talk about its founders: Albert Bosch Y Miquel A. Mora. In a past interview, Bosch told us that the idea of ​​Housfy arose from the need to digitize a very traditional real estate sector. In this way, after spending 3 years within the work team of Groupaliawhere the last year and a half he served as CEO of the company, in 2015 he decides to explore new projects, with this startup in mind.

From here begins the creation of Housfy together with Mora, its co-founder, who already had experience in the sector as co-founder of yaencontre.com, a rental search platform. The launch of the company finally took place under the protection of nucliusthe business incubator founded by Carlos Blanco, Maria Hidalgo, Alex Diaz and Marc Torres. Which took interest from the beginning in the digital reform proposal offered by Bosch for this very traditional sector.

Carlos Blanco, Albert Bosch and Miquel Mora

In this way, Housfy began its reform in the real estate and rental ecosystem, with the proposal of offering a more agile and digitized service. With which they carry out the valuation of the property together with a global marketing plan, to properly position the property and define the most appropriate value for it. In the same way, they are in charge of the entire process of managing contacts, photographs and publicity, purchase offers and processing; so that finally the owner makes the decision to sell to whoever he thinks best.

It even offers premium financing services for buyers through its own mortgage system. Basically, we can say that they are in charge of offering the necessary tools and professionals so that the owners can sell their properties in the most efficient way.

A history of continuous growth and investment

Like many growing startups, Housfy has gone through different rounds of investment, which have allowed it to continue developing its business and become a benchmark in the Spanish real estate market.

The first of them was for an estimated 700,000 euros, bringing together some important figures from the investment ecosystem. Which were interested in the proposal offered by the growing company, a real estate offer without commissions, but with a single rate and 24/7 monitoring of their sales processes.

Starting from this first investment in 2017, its second investment process will arrive at the beginning of 2018. It is a convertible participatory loan for 1 million euros, in which several of the company’s shareholders participated. Although figures such as Inaki Ecenarro, co-founder of Trovitanother emerging company in the real estate sector.

Housfy: an internationalization goal achieved in 3 years

With these rounds already mentioned, the idea of ​​internationalization for the company is opened and another round for 2 million euros is added, carried out at the end of the same year 2018. This round was led by the Seaya Ventures groupand allowed Housfy to give greater strength to its business, closing the year with 1,010 sales, which denoted a growth of more than 600%.

In this way and with sustained growth, Housfy faced 2019 as the year of the internationalization of its business. Which actually happened, because by February it had immersed itself in the Italian market, starting in Milan and then expanding to Rome and Turin. In the same way, later in 2019 it would also reach Portugal, located in the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto. This occurred after a new investment of 6 million euros dedicated to reinforcing its expansion and under the name of Housefy.

Housfy: diversification as a business key

Although Housfy’s business has never been seen outside the real estate sector, it has been immersed in a series of diversifications. Thanks to which it has managed to nurture its catalog of services, providing it with a distinctive value in the market. In this way, beyond specialized buying and selling services, it has also explored the area of ​​home renovations. This service includes the hiring and management of professionals so that the owners can carry out tailor-made reforms, all from an online plan of course.

In addition, by the beginning of 2020 it also entered the rental market, with a disruptive proposal. In this new step, the proptech presented a rental model where owners are assured of paying rent every month, even when the tenant does not pay. An action with which they directly attack the problem of delinquency that affects the market.

Housfy closed 2021 with a growth of 140% compared to 2020

Housfy’s growth has been continuous and after the pandemic, managing to close 2021 with a growth of more than 100%. It supposes a total of income for the company of €15 million, product of having specified:

more of 2,000 housing purchase transactions.
more of 2,000 mortgage operations signed. and reach the 1,000 rentals managed in portfolio.

But this growth is not only denoted in its income, but also in the body of work, which has risen to a team of more than 300 employees, with the forecast of incorporating 200 more for this year. On the other hand, we can also see it in the proposal of new projects such as Housfy Home Store, a series of stores open to the public in some of the main Spanish cities.

On the other hand, according to the company’s statements, they would also have reached a point of break eventhus becoming in the fastest proptech firm to achieve it.

Image: Depositphotos

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