Helpful content update: Google will release a new update to prioritize useful results (really)


The SEO it is a useful and powerful tool, but as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Something with which Google seems to share more every day, since it is focusing its efforts on getting a correct use of search engine optimization.

Its most recent update is a clear reflection of this, with it, the search engine intends penalize those websites that publish empty content created expressly to attract clicks instead of providing value. In this way, Google will be able to provide relevant and quality results to Internet users.

Helpful content update: prioritizing results for their quality

We have all experienced the exasperating drama of doing a search on Google and ending up with content where only the title seems to be related or where the text is an excuse to accumulate keywords or paragraphs with no further value to the reader. These types of websites take advantage of SEO in a tricky way to position themselvesdespite not containing the information they promise.

As a consequence, much more useful results are overshadowed, which is a problem for these websites and also for Internet users. Google seeks to turn this situation around, so in the next week it will begin to apply improvements in the search engine in English through its “helpful content update” or “helpful content update”, in English.

As the company has expressed in its statement, this improvement will serve “to address content that seems to have been created primarily to obtain a good ranking in search engines instead of helping or informing people. This ranking update will help ensuring that non-original, low-quality content does not rank high in search. In addition, our tests have found that it will especially improve results related to online education, as well as content related to arts and entertainment, shopping and technology.”

It will be easier to discover new information and find quality reviews

Another advantage of this update will be the ability to find results that show you new information about the searches you perform. Google illustrates this with the following example: “If you are looking for information about a new movie, you may have seen articles that include reviews from other sites without showing anything beyond what is available elsewhere. This is not very useful if you expect to read something new. With this update, you will see more results with unique and authentic information«.

Likewise, Google has also announced that it will soon launch another update with which it will be easier to find original and useful reviews.

What you should know if you are a content creator

Among its advice to webmasters, Google explains what can happen to your website if it is affected by this update, which will initially apply to search results in English from around the world and will be extended to other languages ​​progressively: “our classifier for this update runs continuously, allowing it to monitor new and existing sites. When you determine that the useless content has not returned in the long term, the rating loss will no longer apply. This sorting process is fully automated, using a machine learning model. It is not a manual action or a spam action. Instead, it’s just a new signal and one of many signals that Google evaluates to rank content.” Google also points out that “sites with a lot of useless content may see a stronger effect.”

Ultimately, you must create content for people, not search engines. However, to avoid falling into this malpractice, Google has raised a series of questions in its Search Center that you should ask yourself when creating your content so that it is useful:

Will the content you create be useful to your audience? Does your content demonstrate first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of the topic? Does your website have a main purpose or focus? Who accesses your content, will they learn thanks to it? Will this meet your search need?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, you are on the right track. Likewise, if you want to go deeper, you can take a look at Google’s SEO guide.

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