HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single streaming platform


In the midst of a fierce battle of the streaming platforms to conquer the world’s pochoclero public, the directors of Warner Bros Discovery announced that in 2023 the platforms HBO Max and Discovery+ will be united in a single offer of television on demand. This move occurs a few months after the business merger between Discovery Inc and Warner Media, and heralds times of great change in this universe that he led Netflix during years.

The news came out during a conference held by Warner’s top executives with investors and analysts. There, the person in charge of the streaming business, JB Perretteand the CEO, David Saslavstated that HBO Max and Discovery Plus will join in a global brandof which the name did not transcend, as indicated in the newspaper El País.

Is HBO Max disappearing?

“HBOMax has a competitive feature set, but has had performance and client issues”, assured Zaslav during the meeting, adding that the user experience and the quality will be the priorities of the new service. Nothing was said about the content, but they did clarify that initially it will be a free or “light” advertising service. However, they did not rule out the possibility of developing a free model with a limited catalog that is financed with ads, and that is the gateway to a paid service with more options.

As for the name of the new project and if the HBO brand will disappear as such, the directors explained that they are still in a study stage of public perceptionbut that the resolution is likely to imply a difference between what the service is eventually called, the platform, and the role played by the HBO brand as such, although «HBO will always be the beacon and the definitive brand that represents the quality of television,” Perrette said. And they assured that the company will inform publicly when they make the final decision.

The change will come to Europe only in 2024

As usual, this change will be exclusive to the United Stateswhich will see this merge implemented by the summer of 2023. It will then roll out to Latin America for fall and new will arrive in Europe in early 2024so we can breathe easy for a while longer.

The company’s goal is to reach 130 million subscribers by 202538 million more than they currently own and 90 million less than Netflix has, which despite the strong competition that has emerged in recent years, continues to lead the world of streaming.

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