Gortázar presents CaixaBank’s results and dividend to the shareholders’ advisory committee


CaixaBank’s CEO, Gonzalo Gortázar, has met with the members of the bank’s shareholders’ advisory committee to present the results for 2021 and the shareholder remuneration proposal, as well as to comment on CaixaBank’s situation in the Spanish financial system after of the merger with Bankia.

The executive stressed that CaixaBank’s current starting position will allow it to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise in the coming years. In this sense, he pointed out that they are working on “defining the entity’s strategic lines to face the future”.

During the meeting, Gortázar highlighted the fact that CaixaBank carried out the “successful execution” of the integration of Bankia last year and improved its position of financial strength, which allows it to continue supporting families and companies and standardize the remuneration policy for shareholder.

“Despite the time and effort that we have had to dedicate to this integration, we have also met the objectives that we had set for ourselves in terms of commercial activity, financial strength and income statement”, he assured.

CaixaBank will return to its traditional cash dividend policy for 2021. “In addition, for the 2022 financial year we intend to distribute between 50% and 60% of the profit and execute a share buyback program,” explained Gortázar.

Finally, the CEO thanked the members of the shareholders’ advisory committee for their participation in this body, “which allows the company to come closer to its shareholder base, and a constant improvement in communication, while promoting transparency”.

The members of the advisory committee have also met with the financial director of CaixaBank, Javier Pano, who has delved into the economic results of the entity in 2021, and have participated in a working session with the director of Social Action of the Network, Raul Marqueta, who presented the main projects in which CaixaBank collaborates.

The purpose of the shareholders’ advisory committee is to propose, encourage and assess actions and communication channels to improve dialogue between the entity and its shareholders. It is made up of representative members of the shareholder base and the maximum permanence is three years, so part of it is renewed annually.