Google bans Truth Social (Donald Trump’s social network) from the Play Store for violating its content policies


After being exiled from social networks, donald trump, decided to make a move and create his own social network, under his own rules. This is how Truth Social emerged, a new platform whose name does not at all reflect the resentment of the former US president.

However, his plan to “counter-attack censorship” has just been stopped by Googlesince the technology giant would have made the decision stall app launch in play store.

Truth Social violates Play Store content policies

Following the review of the last submission of Truth Social, Google found multiple posts on the social network that would violate Play Store content policies, as revealed by a report from Axios. This is because the moderation that the app performs on the posts of its users is not robust, and does not correspond to the model that Google requires. Also, physical threats and incitements to violence would have been identified between the publications, something totally prohibited according to the rules of the Play Store.

As a measure, the technology giant would have contacted the platform August 19, indicating how they could solve those problems content moderation. Nevertheless, Devin Nunesexecutive director of the app and former congressman, claimed not to know what was going on, nor what was the reason for such a delay in the launch. Nunes’ statements would have been made after Google contacted Truth.

At the moment, the application is blocked, but it is still possible to access the list of reservations to download it.

Truth Social is already available for iOS since February

We must remember that the Trump app was launched in February in the Apple App Store, and its demand was such that came to lead downloads in the app store. However, after what happened with Google, it is worth considering whether Apple will bet on carrying out a review of the application.

This would make sense, since both app stores have similar policies in terms of content generation and moderation. Although, for now we will have to wait to find out how this story progresses and if Truth passes Google’s conditions or if Apple joins the review.

Image: Depositphotos

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