Fotocasa and Lovys launch Fotocasa Seguros, a platform to offer home policies and non-payment of rent


The companies Fotocasa and Lovys have launched Fotocasa Seguros, a platform to offer the rent non-payment policy distributed by Lovys to owners and thus guarantee the collection of rent on their home in the event of non-payment by tenants.

In a statement, the real estate portal has stated that since the Covid-19 crisis, non-payments for rental housing have increased by 66%, as a result, the hiring of non-payment insurance has also skyrocketed.

Likewise, Fotocasa has recalled that 74% of landlords consider that they have fewer rights than the tenant in the event of non-payment and 70% of owners believe that they have more obligations than rights over their own property, according to one of their reports.

For this reason, the insurance will offer protection to the tenant in the event that they experience some specific type of loss of economic capacity that does not allow them to continue paying the rent, such as dismissal, among other characteristics.

For the Director of Studies and Spokesperson of Fotocasa, María Matos, with Fotocasa Seguros they seek to “offer legal protection to owners”, since it is one of the fundamental aspects for them to find the rental market attractive.

For his part, the CEO of Lovys, João Cardoso, has pointed out that this alliance is “unequivocal proof” that there is full confidence in the service offered by his company to provide an effective solution to a “real need”.