Five tricks to keep your towels clean and fluffy

you wash your towels and you probably don’t know. Surely you put them with the rest of the laundry, a jet of detergent, another of softener and ready. The program you touch already run. Well no, you don’t do it rightor, at least, you do not do it in the best way so that they are soft and “loving”.

Doing the laundry won’t be one of your favorite household chores either, but with these simple tips, which won’t take a lot of time or money, you’ll be able to achieve a softness that you didn’t know before when you dry yourself with your towels.

1. Vinegar

Yes, yes, vinegar. We have told you in numerous cleaning tricks that this liquid that we all have at home is used for multiple things, not just for the kitchen. So to wash your towels it will also be very effective. Of course, better if it is a specific cleaning or apple vinegar. What will you get? Disinfected garments, without bad odors and soft.

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2. No fabric softener

Separate the fabric softener from your laundry. Also bleach. In fact, there are already many manufacturers that recommend not using this common product until you have washed the towels two or three times. Also, you should not abuse the detergent. In this case, more does not mean better.

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3. Wash towels separately

As we told you at the beginning, mixing the towels with the rest of the clothes is not the most appropriate. The average temperature of washing machine that you should use should be between 40 and 60 degrees and, if possible, on a cotton program.

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Laundry tricks: how to get spectacular results at home

4. Do not load the washing machine

It is not recommended to load the washer fully. It is clear that it is a good way to save water, but if you load it to the maximum you will only get the clothes to be very close together and the cleaning products will not penetrate the fabrics as they should. In addition, the appliance will also have a harder time moving the drum.

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5. In the shade

Despite what you may think, drying your towels in the sun is not recommended. It is better that you look for a shady place that is well ventilated so that they dry correctly and they are more fluffy. You can also choose to dry them in the dryer, but it will consume more energy.