Five cheap Leroy Merlin wallpapers to give your home a radical change

Wallpaper is a great way to give it a radical change to a room in your house without investing a lot of money. Changing the walls is always an option that can give your home a new look and without the inconvenience of having to paint, for example.

You just have to carefully select the painted paper that you want to put and know well the characteristics that it has so that it adapts to the place where you want to put it. In other words, there are wallpapers that are more resistant to the sun, so they are suitable for very bright rooms or with direct sunlight, and there are others that are washable or blackboard that can fit better in a children’s room or in an office.

The price is also important when making this decision, since it depends on the investment you want to make, you can choose one or another role. At Leroy Merlin they have a wide range of wallpapers and today we are going to talk about the cheapest ones we have found.

The new Leroy Merlin wallpapers that will change your home

Cheap wallpapers in Leroy Merlin

The first wallpaper that we have found in the giant of reform and decoration is one smooth white plaster. It has a medium resistance to sun exposure and in the comments they point out that it is a light cream color rather than white. Its price is 8.99 euros, so the square meter comes out at 1.70 euros.

If you are more daring and looking to break up with a flower motif wallpaper this in all blue and fuchsia you may like it It has the same resistance to sun exposure as the previous one and a very similar price: 1.88 euros per square meter.

WALLPAPER | The four cheapest Leroy Merlín models LEROY MERLIN

If you have a natural style house and fibers and wood are what you like, you have a wallpaper with bamboo realistic design in beige color. It is recommended for home areas with traffic, although its maintenance is more delicate since it is not washable. You also have it available in blue. The square meter has the same price as the previous one and in the comments they highlight how beautiful it is on the wall.

If we continue with the flowers, you have another more discreet wallpaper for the same price as the previous one. This model has flowers in yellow and mauve but it is not as “gaudy” as the previous one since it has a white background. You must bear in mind that cleaning must be done dry.