Ferri Villena: Experts in equipment for the home and industrial supply to companies

The quality It’s one of the fundamental factors in work and the production of industrial goods and services. It is not just a value that differentiates similar products, it is what provides durability, demand, results… And the basic conditions -which today are not debatable- for a product: that is adapted to the needs of an increasingly informed and demanding customer.

In professional and industrial environments quality is a philosophy. The leading brands do not boast of quality: this fact is already an assumed part of something higher and called excellence. Industrial machines and supplies must be a perfectly greased gear in the industry value chain. Quality is the key that unlocks that value.

More than 5,000 SMEs and large companies rely on the daily work of Ferry Villena and its collaborators/suppliers, as strategic partners in its value chain. The continuous search for competitive advantages is a new «mantra» of business management, where quality and excellence can be the differentiating elements that markets and business sectors value.

Ferri takes these values ​​to the different areas of influence in which he works, from the service sector, supplying materials for the maintenance and repair of these, to professional sectors related to metal, wood, etc. In addition to bringing its experience to the different geographical areas of commercial influence, thanks to a network made up of eight commercials.

And it is that Ferri, from its facilities in over 21,000mtwowith 5,000 m2 of logistics warehouse, serves

an area that includes Alicante, Albacete, Valencia and Murcia.

Suppliers such as DeWalt and Facom are an example of excellence in the provision of industrial tools and supplies.

Continuous improvement in the relationship with its customers is one of the most important objectives for Ferri, as well as the ability to meet the needs of its suppliers and partners, provide a quality supply service, and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the industrial and professional client. a quality professional accredited by the Aenor ISO 9001: 2018 certification.

The daily activity focuses on industrial supplies, electric and electro-portable tools, machinery of all kinds, screws, welding, abrasives, hydraulics and pneumatics, locksmithing, fittings, maintenance, adhesives, oils and greases, motors, reducers, and a long etcetera. . Without forgetting the attention to the world of construction/rehabilitation, in addition to providing products for the labor protection of most companies.

leading providers

Providers like DeWalt and Facom They are an example of excellence in the supply of industrial tools and supplies, making available to their customers everything they need with the experience, quality and power that represent them. DeWalt and Facom are two great pillars, among a wide repertoire of options in design, quality and price available to the professional client.

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