Feijóo highlights the relevance of "have a single speech for all of Spain"

Little or nothing remains of the internal crisis that the Popular Party experienced just a month ago, or at least that is what the ‘new’ heavyweights of the party are trying to show at their Congress in Seville. Unity and “voice” for the regional presidents is what the president of the Xunta and candidate to lead the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, is asking for. The future president of the formation has claimed how “good” it is to “give a voice” to the regional presidents of the match, while remarking the relevance of “having a single discourse for all of Spain”, a characteristic that is, he has defended, “exclusive mark” of the Popular Party. Feijóo has spoken for the first time in Congress from which acclaimed popular leader will emerge and has launched this message, his first public words, within the framework of a table in which the presidents of the communities in which the PP is the governing party have intervened: Juanma Moreno (Andalusia), Fernando López Miras (Murcia), Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León), Isabel Díaz Ayuso (Madrid) and Juan Vivas (Ceuta).

Applauded by his own and with a broken voice, Feijóo has taken advantage of his speech to remember that he says goodbye to being the president of the PP in his land and that he gives up the title of “dean of popular regional presidents”, which he picked up from “a great politician” like Juan Vicente Herrera in his day, in Moreno’s hands. “I hope you are up to him”, he has transferred to the Andalusian president. Brown In his turn to speak, he thanked his words and advised the future president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, never forget “where” it comes from.

Núñez Feijóo has vindicated how “good” is the “format” of this intervention table for the autonomous presidents -in the morning the rest of the regional leaders of the PP intervened-. “It is good news that they can speak, as our colleagues have done this morning and the Prime Ministers now,” he stressed.

“It shows that we share ideas, that we start from the same principles to build and govern every day. It is good to enrich the ideas of government as a whole of the communities that make up Spain”, she defended, to underline that it also shows that the popular have “alternatives” to populism and independence. “Having a single speech today for all of Spain is an exclusive hallmark of the PP,” he argued, adding that giving regional presidents a voice also serves to show that the PP represents “a solid, serious and perfectly recognized management model” in Spain. A model that he has identified with his management in Galicia and that he has summarized in lowering taxes, improving public services and increasing investment.

“We have all lowered taxes”

“If I had to summarize, I could say that my management model and that of my colleagues is that it is possible to lower taxes, that it is mandatory to improve public services and that the objective should be to increase investment. And that all this can be done by balancing the accounts. That is the management model that all the presidents of the PP share“, he proclaimed, to applause from the audience. “We have all lowered taxes, improved health, education and public services; and improved our roads, cities and towns. We have all squared our accounts because we have to render accounts with the citizens’ tax money, “he added.

The future leader in Genoa has given as an example the management of Galicia and has recalled that he took the reins of the Xunta, in 2009, with a ‘hole’ of 2,000 million that in his day he attributed to the previous Autonomous Executive for “inflating public resources”. All this within the framework “of a very deep recession” that, he has recalled, initially “denied” the PSOE. Despite this, he has highlighted that in Galicia he managed to “lower taxes all these years”, turning to “anticipate” the central Executive in the Galician budgets for this exercise: the autonomic section of the IRPF, as well as the taxes of Transmissions and Patrimony.

“Very proud”, he has also listed the measures adopted in the field of social policies, with examples such as the increase in the beneficiaries of the dependency law, free nursery schools or management during the pandemic. He added that the PP communities are also “leaders in the investment effort” and have managed to “balance the accounts”although in politics “many stories are told”.

“It has been an honor to be the president of the PP Galicia

Feijóo, whose resignation becomes effective this Friday, which means that the general secretary of the PPdeG, Miguel Tellado, will temporarily assume his duties, has proclaimed that it has been “an honor” to have been president of the Galician PP for 16 years. “An immense honor,” he underlined.

As for him it has been, he said, “an immense honor to have shared with the regional presidents of the party, with the current ones and with the previous ones”, the work in the party. “They are great presidents and I am convinced that we are going to continue obtaining triumphs“, he concluded, before guaranteeing that “he will continue working” hand in hand.

Unit in Genoa

The future general secretary in Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s PP, Cuca Gamarra, maintains the speech of the future new leader. Unity after the storm, the ‘popular’ deputy has affirmed that the party has emerged quickly and united from its crisis and now opens a new page, without delving into the reasons that have led to the departure of Pablo Casado. Gamarra has been in charge of defending before the plenary the management report of the outgoing address, because she has served as general coordinator since last February 24, Casado went into the background, and she has only mentioned the still president of the PP to point out that he was reporting what had happened since he was elected in 2018.

From the Casado stage, of whose dome he was part, he has pointed out that they close it “enormously grateful for the brave, tireless and generous work that there has been by everyone, in which there have also been successes” which, he pointed out, is fair to acknowledge. “All the pages in the history of a party are important and essential and those that have elapsed since the last congress are, we open a new page, a project for the future and with a future with a clear objective: Spain and the Spanish. There is no time to waste”, he stressed.