Feijóo closes his stage in Galicia and points to Madrid as the match’s benchmark

“An unstoppable PP machine”, this is how the PP leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, describes the Madrid regional bloc. The ‘popular’ president has defended that with him at the head of the party leadership the “PP machines” will be “protected”. This has been transferred during the closing in Pontevedra of the 18th Congress of the PPdeG, in which Alfonso Rueda has been ratified as leader of the party in Galicia, definitively closing a 16-year stage with Feijóo at the helm, and has entrusted him with his own leadership ” without guardianships, or guardianships”. In this way, and paraphrasing who had been his predecessor in the leadership of the Galician PP, former president Manuel Fraga, Núñez Feijóo has said that it is an “honor” for him to leave the party in the hands of Rueda: “It is an honor to stop call him Alfonso and start calling him President Rueda and put myself at ease”.

During his speech, Feijóo recalled the Madrid conclave, in which the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, was proclaimed leader of the party, last day, and in which he participated. “I was in Madrid yesterday, where we had a great time. I know that it bothers some of them. Well, let them wait. Madrid is an unstoppable PP machine and we are going to protect the PP machines,” said Feijóo, who has claimed a a party that “resembles” the model coined “for decades” in Galicia.

With an eye on the need to win the general, regional and municipal elections of 2023, Núñez Feijóo has shown his desire to have a PP in which “many people fit” because it is in an inclusive way that “majorities are built” and, at the same time, he has launched an offer to the Spanish: that they trust him and the PP if they want a “better” government than that of Pedro Sánchez. “We’re to govern better, to manage better, to respect more, to never insult us, to protect the institutions, so that the Government is not above the State and so that the President of the Government is the first Spaniard. Not to be, we are to serve “, he has sentenced.

“No minute to lose”

“You have to go down to the mine, each one to their posts,” Núñez Feijóo has requested before the next appointments with the polls. And he has defended his commitment to continue doing good politics while dropping, in an ironic wink, a “there you for having gotten me into this”. The ‘popular’ president has reminded the bases of his party that “a year and a week are missing for the municipal elections” and has warned that he has “a lot of work ahead” to achieve a good result in those elections.

With such a purpose on the horizon, there is “no minute to lose”, said Feijóo at the Pontevedra fairgrounds, and added that it is time to ratify candidates who have opportunities to obtain or maintain power in the town halls and to renew the local addresses and the candidates until the ideal one is chosen. Núñez Feijóo also wanted to remind us that Spain is awaiting the call for general elections that will be marked, he has slipped, based on the electoral interests of the parties that make up the central government.

“We don’t know how much is left for the generals, it will depend on ERC or on Yolanda (Díaz) get along with Podemos and Podemos with Yolanda. In short, of any eventuality except what interests Spain, for which I propose you to be prepared”, he reflected. Feijóo has demanded work and responsibility because “we are beginning a hard stage”, because “Here nothing is given away and to the PP, less”has settled.

You will complete your organizational chart this Monday

Feijóo has summoned his National Executive Committee this Monday to give the green light to the full organization chart of the party which includes the second levels that will depend on each Deputy Secretary. In addition, at that meeting the internal adjustments that it plans to make within the Popular Group will be known, once it has been confirmed that Cuca Gamarra, Javier Maroto and Dolors Montserrat will continue to be spokespersons in the Congress, Senate and European Parliament, as reported by ‘popular’ sources. Specifically, Gamarra, Maroto and Montserrat will be ratified this Monday in the Executive Committee as parliamentary spokesmen in the three Chambers. Feijóo’s proposal is to bet on the experience in the exercise of the positions of three people elected prior to the Congress of Seville and whose value is “more than accredited”, the same sources have added.

In addition, the meeting of the National Executive Committee of the PP on Monday will serve to continue advancing in the configuration of the new PP teams. The party already announced on Friday the names of four new executive or area secretaries that will accompany Feijóo in the national direction of the PP, but more positions remain to be appointed that will depend on each of the Vice Secretaries: Institutional; Economy; Territorial organization; Regional and Local Coordination; and Social Policies. One of the main novelties in the Popular Group will take place this week with the arrival in the Senate of Feijóo himself and his right-hand man, Miguel Tellado. Both will be appointed senators by autonomous designation of the Parliament of Galicia next Tuesday and it is possible that the next day they will land in the Upper House.

The landing of Feijóo in the Senate will allow him to maintain face-to-face duels with Pedro Sánchez, although it is true that unlike the weekly ‘scuffles’ that take place in Congress, the presence of the Chief Executive in that Chamber is less and he has barely attended half a dozen times in recent months. In the parliamentary groups of the Congress and the Senate changes are expected in the second echelonswhich could affect the reorganization of the steering committees and spokespersons.