Facebook will allow its users to have up to 5 different profiles linked to the same account


As recently revealed to us by the 2022 Social Media Study prepared by IAB Spain, Facebook is not at its best. In Spain, its use has decreased significantly, a trend in which it has been immersed since 2020, and it has also positioned itself as the social network that most users abandon.

And this loss of interest is being experienced in more places around the world, one of the reasons being the fact that on the social network you can find anyone, from your friends, to your parents or your dentist. This is why Meta would be flirting with the idea of allow a single user to have up to 5 different profiles on Facebook, as reported by Bloomberg.

All your facets in a single network

This new bet by Meta seeks that its users recover part of their privacy, being able to choose which part of themselves they show to different segments of the network itself. In this way, the company trusts that encourage posting and interaction on Facebook, giving a renewed impetus to its activity.

For now, only certain users will be able to start experimenting with this new feature. In this initial test, they will be able to create up to four new profiles in addition to the original they already have, and they will not be required to include their real names in these. This means that in each of these additional profiles you could have a different identity, being able to express your different facets depending on which profile you use. In addition, each profile will have its own feed.

The possibility of filtering content, deciding to whom to show each of the profiles, is also a response to the growing political divide that has taken over Facebook. And of which, a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg claimed to be aware. This is an opportunity to Regain users’ interest and give them greater control about what they show and what they see.

However, the prospect of managing so much information in a single space, when the user surely already has profiles on another series of social networks, is complex. If a person already has Linkedin to show their most professional part, Instagram to connect with their friends and TikTok to follow trends, this being a small sample of the possibilities, it can be difficult for them to seek to satisfy these needs on Facebook, managing up to 5 senior profiles.

Anticipating the Patterns of the Metaverse

This novelty also has a certain relationship with the metaversesince among the Meta plans is the creation of variable avatars that the user will be able to have in this new digital space. Zuckerberg already advanced the different use cases for avatars. For example, you could use a realistic and accurate version of yourself for more formal situations, like work meetings, and a more colorful character to interact with your friends.

In this way, this new function in which you can show certain aspects of your personality and even your opinions or convictions would be a small preview of the future reality that you will be able to experience in the metaverse.

Image: Depositphotos

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