Everything you need to know to choose the right air conditioner for your home

Now that the good weather is approaching, it is most likely that you are already thinking about install an air conditioner at home so as not to spend another summer without sleep because of the unbearable heat.

It is then when different questions or doubts can arise, which air conditioner to choose? How much does the installation of an air conditioner cost? How much do you consume? Will it greatly influence the electricity bill?

To begin with, one of the most important points is that this be installed by an expert and also advise you on what type of air conditioning to choose.

Thanks to the advances of the leading brands in air conditioning, the new machines no longer consume energy as before. The inverter technology and the efforts of the best brands in the energy efficiency As a result, they have brought us air conditioning equipment that can save us on each electricity bill.

To do this, the experts from Grupo Aplus have resolved some doubts for us: “air conditioning equipment consumes energy to function and therefore generate an increase in the electricity consumption of a home. But with the INVERTER technology present in all air conditioning machines, this consumption is ostensibly reduced when the time of use of the machines is prolonged, being residual when the desired temperature is close to the real one. If you use your air conditioning machine correctly, it is a current model and has energy efficiency A or higher, no, the bills will not be excessively high”, explains Iván Bordonado, energy advisor specializing in air conditioning at Grupo Aplus.

Grupo Aplus has extensive experience in the sector.

Grupo Aplus has a extensive industry experience installing air conditioning, air conditioning, solar energy and ducted air conditioning. It is a group that is made up of a large team of professionals, with experience and eager to help you, providing solutions to every need and project.

Which air conditioner to choose?

But, to start with your air conditioning installation, one of the first questions will be: What type of air conditioning do I choose?

The experts and professionals of Grupo Aplus point out that there are, broadly speaking, three families of air conditioning machines: wall splits, ducts (centralized air) and cassette; and each one is better adjusted to the needs or conditions of the installation.

“If you want to air-condition a single area, the ideal is to resort to a wall split machine. If, on the contrary, the objective is a central air conditioning of the entire house, the ideal is a duct machine. For commercial premises or spaces with very high ceilings, the ideal air conditioning equipment is the cassettes”. Therefore, it is important that the expert advises you and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Next, another of the most important aspects is to know what type of air conditioning is recommended to choose to have a controlled consumption. “It is best to choose a power air conditioner according to the needs, neither much more powerful than necessary since the starting consumption peak would skyrocket, nor less powerful than necessary, since this would cause the machine to work all the time at 100% of its capacity, taking consumption to the extreme” , assures Iván Bordonado. Therefore, choose your air conditioner well depending on the surface you want to air-condition will be a very important step.

Grupo Aplus is made up of a large team of professionals.

In this sense, a great ally to have a low consumption air conditioning is that it has the technology inverter. This system regulates the speed of the compressor so that it works constantly, avoiding power peaks, which are what cause the energy cost to skyrocket.

Likewise, another determining factor for our air conditioning equipment to have a good performance and save each month is that it has the energy certification A+ or higher. If we have energy efficiency A +++ we will save more than those machines that do not have this label.

“A wall-mounted air conditioner 3,000 frigories (suitable for air conditioning a space of this 20/25 square meters) consumes about 0.9KW. This represents a daily consumption (8 hours a day on) of €1.50, about €45/month. To air-condition a house of about 90 m2, a duct machine of about 8,000 frigories is necessary. These equipments consume close to 2.8KW, which represents a daily consumption (8 hours a day on) of €4, about €120/month. Having the house heated all month long!”, says the energy advisor specializing in air conditioning at Grupo Aplus.

How many frigories do I need for good air conditioning?

Before making a calculation you have to know what a frigoria is. It is a unit of measure used technically in refrigeration. It is the same power unit used for heat absorption, a heat/cool power unit. We always talk about number of kilocalories that an air conditioner delivers in one hour.

The ideal temperature in your air conditioner for both health and savings is between 24ºC and 26ºC.

Each case is different, therefore, many factors must be taken into account for the calculation of frigories per square metersuch as weather, exposure of the home to direct light, building materials, etc.

But, as a basic rule and to serve as a guide, the general measurement to calculate the necessary frigories is 100 frigories for each square meter. These are some examples:

To air-condition the entire house with a duct machine:

For apartments of 25/50m2 they recommend 4000 frigories.

For homes of 50/70m2 they recommend 6000 frigories.

For homes of 80/100m2 they recommend 8000 frigories.

For houses of 100/120m2 they recommend 10,000 frigories.

To air-condition rooms, halls, etc. with splits:

For a surface of 5/15m2 they recommend 2000 frigories.

For a surface of 15/25m2 they recommend 3000 frigories.

For surfaces of 25/40m2 they recommend 4000 frigories.

For surfaces of 40/50m2 they recommend 6000 frigories.

What is the recommended temperature to save?

The ideal temperature in your air conditioner for both health and savings is between 24ºC and 26ºC. CEvery degree less temperature will increase consumption by 8% on your bill approximately.

Face to avoid spending electricity It is recommended to choose efficient air conditioners, with operating modes such as the one shown save up to 60% energy while you enjoy a comfortable temperature.

Regulating the temperature of the air conditioning correctly will be beneficial for your health and you will also save on your bill.


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